Tradewinds Towing

Hey all,
I am new to the site, I was just wondering if anyone here has any idea how this company is to work for.
Thanks for your input,

I have not heard of them. Where are they based?

If the address is out of Florida, I believe that is the children of Lathem Smith. Never heard anything about them.

The address is in Florida, looks like a small company. They are looking for an unlicensed engineer. Working Yucatan to Panama? I have a license, and am currently working, and commited to work at least through the begining of the new year… Just thought I would pass it on to any one looking.

Thanks for the heads up. The best way to find out about a company is to ask the company…

Tradewinds Towing is Dom and Racheal Smith, and they are Latham’s children. Don’t know much about them other then that. And they have spent a little change on getting the tugs done over.

Thanks, I hope that somebody is able to contact them and get the job. I have been e-mailing and talking to them and they seem very straight up. Good luck to anyone looking.

If we EVER cross paths beers and dinner are on me! Sent them an email over the weekend, got a call back this morning (AMAZING), spoke to both Dominique and Rachel Smith, and just got a job offer!!! YAHOOOoooo! Off to Panama on Sat.!
Thanks to all the members that have sent leads my way over the last few months.

I will take you up on the dinner and a beer someday. Good luck and please let me know how the company is to work for. I may be looking again later and really liked what I saw from them. Enjoy Panama!

I traded e-mails with Rachael Smith yesterday. They filled the engineers job last week.

Sorry about that, they called me on friday. Good jobs move fast sometimes. I will keep posting jobs that I hear about.

I’ve been out of the industry for the last 10+ years so my lack of recent experience killed me even if the job was still open … thanks anyway.

any position open for O/S???

you can go to their web site and find out,
find the contact section and call them, I talked to Rachel.

Both Rachael and Dom are great people. Highly recommend them both.