Tradewinds Towing?

I know the background on these guys but I was wondering if anyone here works or has worked for them. I know they do lots of ocean towing and one-off jobs that the bigger companies down want to mess with.

How are they to work for? Do their boats stay busy? Any knowledge on where their pay stacks up? Ill be applying for a mate’s position.


There were other threads with the same questions in the past. Try the search function.

3 year old threads dont help much. I was hoping for some updated info. But thanks anyway.

These are just a couple of threads started about Tradewinds Towing. There are more of them so give it a search. Also, IIRC, a couple of the members that posted about them are still around so you might be able to PM them and ask them in private what they think.

I have never worked for them but I did get a chance to talk to a crew member on one of their tugs a while back. Once again, IIRC, I do not remember them saying anything bad about them just that they are a small company and you never knew where you were headed next.

I missed the thread by mtskier, thanks.

[QUOTE=Bayrunner;113899]I missed the thread by mtskier, thanks.[/QUOTE]

No Problem, I was sitting around bored so I thought I would help out a little.

Good Luck, I hope you find something good.

Let us know how you make out.

First hand knowledge. They are a great company to work for.