Andrie Shipping great lakes

Any word on what they are paying mates with TOAR and PIC? Any thoughts on what they are like to work for? Any other insights ?
Appreciate anything anyone has to say.

Any ideas?

The advanced search button would probably give you some interesting results.


I’ve been thinking that a lot lately.
I will be stealing this thank you very much!

seems like everything has been deleted? If anyone has any info… good bad or otherwise it would be great!!

A friend of mine works for them and he says they’re alright.

I just happened to see this post by accident

any idea on pay or anything as such?

Two ways to interpret this. One. there is SO much good news that SO many people are SO happy to talk about it that you are just missing it!

Then again.

Two, Some people are SO disgusted about it, they cant post any more glad tidings to share!

Lets see how intuitive you are.

If there is talk about deleted posts, and you cant find anything good about them… what does THAT tell you about how good they are???

Sad that skit of those post were deleted because that was an epic thread. Lots of name calling.

Sad that a lot of those post were deleted because that was an epic thread. Lots of name calling.

Ive worked with the company for a while now. Like any place your not going to get along with everyone but for the most part I can’t say I’ve had many complaints. The guys who don’t get long with others usually don’t stick around long anyway so it’s not a big deal. They work a 28-14 schedule.

Again!!! This is crazy!
This is the last time I will say this!! If you are an AB go for it! If you are a Mate stay away!!! They don’t let you handle the boat. Mates are just tankermen. You will learn nothing that will help you in the future with any other towing company. Other than that for an AB tankermen it’s a good gig.

I am on one of their boats right now and will second the above post. I have been here for a week and was quickly disappointed. I came here looking to transition from supply boats and looking for experience. I had high expectations of getting boat handling under the supervision of the captain since they sail with 2 mates and the capt floats. Mates are deckhands who also handle paperwork, cargo and then stand a-b watches. You call the old man then turn it over to go outside for “sea and anchor” detail. The old man and I had a sit down talk today. The skinny is while they might be tug & barge, the office treats them like ships and runs them like ships. They have had a huge turnover this past year as they have been expanding, mostly mates not liking what the job duties are, and what is missing.

That’s the reason I only lasted a few hitches!! I would find another job if I was you.

Good luck!

The old man ran me off the boat and sent me home today. Said I wasn’t what they were looking for. I know I was looking for a great experience to get some boat handling experience with a tug and barge after being on supply boats for years. Whey they need to say they need is someone with a mate’s license who wants to be a deckhand then drive from port to port. We won’t tell you that you don’t even get to stay in the wheel house and look over the old man’s shoulder when your anywhere near the dock, no we want to suppress anyone who wants to learn and advance themselves. I can drive from A-B, I can also boat handle very well also. Any idiot can babysit the autopilot while working on a computer underway at night doing the capt’s paperwork for him. I wanted to get that time running the boat on and off the dock. I was so disappointed with Andrie. They talked a good game but fell far short once I got out there.

Where you on one of their boats or one they manage?

I was on the ostrander that they manage for Lafarge

“working on a computer underway at night doing the capt’s paperwork for him.”

Wrong on so many levels…