Switching things up...NC to towing work

Well I have an opportunity to make a move from the 100 ton “trap” of offshore utility boats to tractor tugs doing LNG work. Im very excited about it and the company is one Ive been trying to get on with for over a year now…lots of possibility to advance my career whether I stay with the tractor tugs or go back offshore.

As a 200GRT NC Master I know that I could take the steersman class, observe 30 days and take a TOAR to become a mate but I choose to work deck as an AB for a little while. Figured since I dont even know any of the terminology involved and its so different than anything Ive ever done that would be the smartest move. Good thing is I dont have any “required” decktime before I can start my upgrade. Simply when I feel comfortable with whats going on. Great part is the AB pay is the same I am making as a captain on a 130 utility boat so it doesnt hurt me at all to take a step back and start in a new direction.

I guess what I would like to know is has anyone else here done something similar to this? What can I expect for a learning curve after 15 yrs with conventional twin screw experience(these are “true” tractors) Anybody done the LNG terminal thing?

Cant wait to learn something new as Ive felt stuck in a rut lately…

Wow! Now THAT’S an opportunity! I look forward to hearing more about yer progress.

Is company hiring you as AB and they will fleet you up once you’ve upgraded?

I am more interested in hearing how yer TOAR goes as from what I’ve seen it’ll be next to impossible to complete on a Z-Boat if yer all doing is assist work and certainly not in 30 days.

Good Luck!

Yes I’ll be hiring as an AB. I was interviewed for mate and the company would like me to move up to mate as soon as I feel I can. Im looking into the various TOARs and Im assuming that ship assist would need the same endorsement say an anchor handling vessel gets? Im assuming this as there would be no way to get one otherwise because you are not towing/ pushing like inland boats… anybody know the answer on this one?

If n o one on the company you will work for is approved as a Designated Examiner, encourage them to get approved. You’ll have a tough time doing your TOAR if you don’t work with a Designated Examiner.

Right on. I know they have DE’s in the company, just not sure about on the boat I’ll be on. If not I will encourage him to become one or the company to put me with one. Not trying to be a 30 day wonder so I’m more than happy to start on deck and actually learn the skills

As a 200GRT NC Master I know that I could take the steersman class, observe 30 days and take a TOAR to become a mate …[/QUOTE]

I think you need to get confirmation about the 30 day part. I believe the 30 day and a toar only applies to license holders OVER 200 tons. Before you go wild over this get it confirmed that you don’t have to be an ‘apprentice steersman’ of towing vessels for a year or so. Just trying to make sure you get the full story and aren’t hitting a speed bump later.

Checking again. Just going by what I was told. I do see what you are refrencing though

it would be much easier for me to get a 500 grt than do a year as apprentice. I’ve got time and tonnage for 1600 mate so no biggie.

I don’t mind working deck as I do this either way as it’s still a way out of the 100 ton utility boat world with a company that wants to help me advance…no brainer

Here is what I found out…lucky me

Effective October 14, 2008 NEW RULE:
Master of 200GRT or Less to Mate (Pilot) of Towing Vessels: (1) Proof of 36 months of service as Master under the authority of the license; (2) minimum of 30 day of training & observation on route(s); (3) successfully completed TOAR; (4) complete the appropriate apprentice mate (steersman) exams or completed an approved apprentice mate (steersman) course.

He has it right. If you have 3 years as Master on vessels UNDER 200 GRT, you can go to MATE weith 30 days and a TOAR.

I’ve never seen time required expressed in months and not days of seatime. How is this time measured and how is it proven for USCG