Any experiences with Andrie Towing on the Great Lakes?

I was just wondering if anybody on here has had any experience with Andrie towing on the Great Lakes. Such as benefits, pay, how they treat their employees . I was thinking about applying, just want some feedback. Thanks in advance.

All the previous threads asking that were so negative that they’ve been removed, the rumor being that Andrie’s lawyers forced gCaptain to remove them. Does that answer your question?

If you don’t have any experience you should go work there to get experience and sea time. When you’ve had enough, quit and move on.

In regards to your question, I am a mate in training there currently. Graduate Of Maine Maritime and a deckie. Originally when applying to companies, I, like you searched through the forums and was able to read the old posts about how bad Andrie is. I can say with absolute certainty that it was a very select few people posting these things, and with a vendetta against the company. I myself find it an excellent place to work, with great people, with a good mix of academy and hawspipers. Their benefits are okay and pay for AB’s and OS’s is higher than most companies, and I am familiar with many. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested, and provide much more information if anyone has any questions.

Wow. Talk about cup the balls and work the shaft. Are you on the oil or cement side ? All and all wasn’t a bad place to work, equipment was good and lots of grub. Relief, good luck. Constant turn over, I believe 5 of us quit after one hitch. They would cut the employment section out of workboat before they sent it down, that might tell you something. The Bouchard equivalent of the great lakes. Some boats had good crews, I did work with some great guys. Dont even begin to try and bullshit anyone about being a “training mate” @ Andrie, mates made course changes till we got near the dock then went out and pumped the barge like good little bitches.

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In no way was I trying to bullshit anyone about being a training mate. And that is a very fair point. Mates there are glorified AB’s in a sense. But as a whole I think the company has come a long way since the old remarks that were on these forums. As far as having a hard time finding a relief crew changes have always been timely since I have been on board, working both on the oil and cement side. Reviewing what I had written previously I admit there was some ball cupping, but my experience there really has been fine and would recommend it.

Good to see you back bargemonkey. Nice to see your straight forward tactless yet witty posts :cool:

to oakpond, just curious, you laid off till spring or are they keeping you busy still?

Ctony, fortunately I only will be home 2 weeks longer than normal. (28/14 schedule). But that is luck of the mild winter and boat.

Going up the street was about the best part of working there, I had never spent much time near the lakes, Muskegon has piles of single ass just waiting to be pirated. I spent a fair amount of time on the Champlain when it first came up before it went to the shipyard mid winter. Our cheese head deckhand and I picked up 2 nurses at the bar one night, figured we where going to run a train and head back to the boat. 1 passed out mid session, and he sat crying, looking out the window talking about missing his wife. I used to really enjoy this job. :wink:

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[QUOTE=oakpondmillworks;178474]Ctony, fortunately I only will be home 2 weeks longer than normal. (28/14 schedule). But that is luck of the mild winter and boat.[/QUOTE]

So some boats and crew have been laid off for the winter?

you’re an outstanding seaman.

I’m not sure how it worked when you were there, but they keep one AB, and two engineers on while in layup. Cement side’s laid up till early March and a couple oil boats laid up as well. Some people like it, working the 28/14 and then getting a month or so off. Even time is actually starting to work weed its way into the company now too.

And bargemonkey, did 5 months on the SDC I am familiar with this story hahaha

thanks for the info oak. I have never worked for them, but last year exchanged some emails with them…
I suspect I never ended up getting an offer because of it being questionable if I could make landfall in canada. I’m as pure as the driven snow, other than the fact I have a non-drug/alcohol misdemeanor from over 10 years ago, much to my chagrin…

Paint dries faster than the combined thought process in the office. But you didn’t hear it from me. :o

The engineers on those boats had their act together, at least on the Karen. You could eat off the deck, I will say I was impressed. We had trouble with 2 guys who couldn’t enter, 1 had something from 20+yrs prior. If you did a decent job and kept your head down the oil side wasn’t bad.
They tried a jedi mind trick maneuver right before I left, allowing the guys to vote for an “improvement”, 90% of the idiots voted for doubletime after 40days, because never having a relief that would make sense. We lost pay from the yard, which basically killed your first days pay on the boat. A few guys where just then pushing for equal time.

How long ago were you with them?

What are the A/E and C/E’s making for day rates here now? Also are they engineers or deckineers?