Great Lakes Tug jobs

Anybody know if there are any Great Lakes tug/barge companies that would hire a greenhorn (besides Andrie)? Havin trouble finding contact info for some companies. thanks

Interlake Steamship has a new build ATB coming out.

Heard through the grapevine they are a good company to work for.

Besides Andrie!! Hahahaha smart man!!

Try Grand River Navigation, they bought two used tug/barges this spring, a few different cadets worked on them over the summer and are heading back to class next week.

Thanks for the info. I see your from Traverse City. I’m about 25 miles west of there, in Honor. I’ve actually got a buddy who works for Grand River on the Calumet as an engineer. I was thinkin on contacting him to see if he knew of anything. Do you know what the crew rotations are on there ATB’s?

No idea, I think 30 on 30 off, but all the ships are 28 on 14 off from what I have been told. Hard working boats, friends made a lot with O/T.

Grand River does have OS’s and they do hire greenhorns. Right now I don’t know of any open positions. It won’t hurt to give them a call. 440 930 2024. We have the two Kuber boats and the McKee Sons ATB’s plus three ships. Be prepared to work harder than you most likely ever have. The deckhands make a good buck, but they earn it too.

An ad for whores on a thread titled “…Tug Jobs” how appropriate.

But the tug jobs in the ad are in New Jersey!

Well, if it’s the best tug job ever it might justify the commute…ok I wouldn’t do it just for a job, it’d have to include a pretty good benefits package too…

How do the crew rotations on the ships differ from the ATB’s? Is it pretty much the same for all the companies?

Tell me your horror stories from Andrie?

Search them on the forum.

Everything I’ve found has been okay, so far. Any bad is just alluding to them not being so great, nothing specific…

Then you are either not searching very well or you are trolling.

Ask OICUR12 he will tell you some! I for one will get a land job before going back to them.

I don’t see how Andrie is that Bad. I’ve been with them for a while and had no problems aside from one mate with the company that no one cares for. Other than that I enjoy it.

Stan Andrie and his cronnies raised nine kinds of hell with gcaptain to have all the negative posts deleted so they wouldn’t show up on google next to his adds telling everybody what a great company he runs.

I am not going to get into that line of bullshit again. it was fun while it lasted calling out all the assholes by name and telling specific stories about all the assholes that work there and the unbelievable shit they get away with that is condoned by the office.
And believe me, it was not only me. All I did was call them out.
The horror stories flowed like a river after that and a few idiots that work for them decided to get stupid on the thread and thus it was deleted. I have an archived portion of it but posting it would only lead to this thread being killed.

All I will tell you is beware. Be very, very aware.

I would like to see someone else start an Andrie Horror story thread. There are no shortage of them that is for sure.

But it aint gonna be me. Aruging with idiots kind of makes you an idiot too don’t it?

And it wouldn’t be a day or so before Andrie pissed and moaned and had it deleted so what is the point?

If someone says something you don’t like about your company all you have to do to kill the thread is talk a bunch of shit and act like an idiot. that will do it.

then have your boss call and raise hell with gcaptain. then they will delete any trace of the thread ever existing.

If you like being shit on, talked down to, and riding deplorable trash can tugs then Andrie Inc is the place for you.

Good luck.

you will need it

ps. yes i am an idiot too for ever lowering myself to a pissin match with the Andrie idiots. and i could care less who else chimes in or where this thread goes next because i will not be returning to it.

fire away andrie idiots

I was wondering where that last “Andrie bash” thread went. Is there anyone that can help me with my answer? Wondering how the crew rotations on the ATB’s differ from the ships? Are all the companies about the same? I have a friend who works for Grand River. He gave me the scoop on there boats, but having trouble finding any info on other companies (USS,Interlake,ASC,ILM,Central Marine).

So that’s what happened to the thread!! That’s crazy!!