Great Lakes Dredge and Dock?

Hey All-

Anybody have any experience with working for Great Lakes Dredge and Dock?

Hey, I worked for a company under Great Lakes a short time if that helps.

Hey Argo- thanks for the reply. I worked one winter as a tug captain for Misener dredging in Tampa and Savannah. Last couple winters on much bigger stuff (read 10,000 hp). I will try to go back there…but not looking too good…and I have a friend who thinks I can get in with GLDD. I’ve seen their boats around, and they look ok- just wondered how the company was to work for.

Any thoughts appreciated- smooth sailin’ and thanks.

well, i worked for amboy aggregates. pay was decent, crew was great. this is also in raritan bay, nj but there were a few who lived in florida and commuted. its a small company though so i dont know if there would be any spots of anything. i dont want to discourage you, by all means go for it and keep in touch with them if your interested. i can give you their contact if you wish.
best thing was the crew and the cook, i wish the dep boats had cooks! steady run as i suppose most dredges are.

one last thing. last i heard there was a lot of work to be done on the GE superfund project in upstate new york on the hudson and im not sure if GLDD is in on that. i dont know much about the project since working on the dredge but im sure there is more info on it on the web.
the boat (amboy agg) is under the international union of operating engineers, local 25. so maybe the union has employment information as well.
oh, and it is just one boat, two week on and two week off.
good luck

hey Argo-

Thanks again- lotsa good stuff there. Yup, I know Raritan, too, spent a winter sailing for Willie Wittech at Seawolf. Um, plenty of current if you missed yer tide…

Selling my tug tomorrow at 0800, job hunt starts just after lunch…!


best of luck! just dont put “tug jobs” in the search box, my ex made that mistake at work and got some very um “vivid” illustrations… luckily none of her coworkers saw it!

Holy Smokes, Your right, The first 4 pages of the Google search had nothing to do with boats. I didn’t get any further…

Lost interest?


I had the same thing happen to me

Try here- and :slight_smile:


Hay, thanks for the tip!

Another good site for links to tug companies/jobs

Thanks to Dougpine- got this from a link on his blog:)

Good luck with tug companies… I had hell of a hard time finding any that even responded to my inquiries, with 3 months tug experience (not a complete TOAR), tankerman PIC, and 3M AGT from SUNY, the only one that was interested was Bouchard. The inquiries were for ANY on deck position as well, either AB, Mate, or Tankerman, so an AB trainee for Bouchard. I have heard great things about their pay however.

Bear in mind, I limited my search to the east coast and didnt look much in the gulf.

I just dont like crawdads…

I probably would have had better luck with tug jobs >.<