Great Lakes Dredge and Dock

Does anyone know where the tugs Melvin E. Lemmerhirt and McCormack Boys are? Are they working or sold or what?

I believe the last I saw them they were sitting at lyons shipyard in norfolk

They are. Thanks. Those boats should be working. GLDD really screwed alot of people over.

I don’t know too much about the company but it seems their equipment is out there working…dredges at least… too bad for those guys on the tugs…that’s a shame

They have plenty of work all over the country. It was a great job. I loved it there. Yeah it had it bad parts but there was more good then bad. It was interesting work. And i made alot of $. But the way they screwed the tugboat guys was wrong. The company changed after it went public.

Both of those tugs have been for sale on for a while. One was local 25, other was 333. Rumor on the terrace for a while was a certain company thought about putting pins in the lemminhurt, but i guess that fell thru. There maybe a lawsuit still floating around that boat, after that deal out by the bridge?

[QUOTE=bburket;103169]I believe the last I saw them they were sitting at lyons shipyard in norfolk[/QUOTE]

Yup they moved them from the GLDD yard in Norfolk to Lyons a few months ago and havent moved since.

They were both 333 boats

I guess they are keeping the Jack Newman l?

the McCormack boys is working in the gulf along with the jack newman and the lemerhirt got sold to a company on NY