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I stumbled on this forum and so far it’s a great resource. Thank you moderators and posters.
I’m looking for information on some of the Great Lakes towing companies, i.e. Andre and Hannah. I currently work ocean tugs in the GOM for International Marine and have been working overseas for Smith Maritime for the last several years. I’m looking to relocate to the upper mid west and would like to find something closer to the new house. If any one works or has good info for these two companies (engineer pay, crew accomodations, vessel equipment, ect.) I would much appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Tim

Tim, Hannah is belly up and no longer in ops, sold their fleet, yugs, barges etc. Andrie is good company to work for, worked on construction side this fall a jack-up barge. They have an oil fleet and manage 2 tug barges for Lafarge Cement. They are all crewed up but worth it to send them you info. Hope this helps, Dan

I worked for Andrie a while back. Good gear, good pay, good food. A little policy and rules heavy, but on the Lakes, they are on top. They just built a new oil barge, and converted one of their tugs to an ATB.

Andrie, GREAT company to work for. There is a major slow down each year due to weather conditions, but I have known the office crew up there for many years. Good time to apply with them would be just after mid winter season. Normally there Engineers stay busy year round as there winter downtime is a chance to catch up on PM’s and any major mechanical upgrades or situations. Great group of people. Good luck. HH

Hey thanks for the info Buoy, Mike and HH! Didn’t know about Hannah, the closure must have been sudden, talked to an engineer that worked for them a few months ago. A question for Head Hunter though. Do they hire for the down season? A good way to learn their tugs is to pull a little yard time on them. Thanks Tim

Tuggertim, If you are coming to the Great Lakes you should tap in to this site: www.boatnerd.com Everything you want to know about the Lakes, industry, employment, resources and more. Enjoy.

If you are into tugs, this may be a company to look into. They have ATB’s converted from old Lake vessel hulls, one of which I used to sail aboard, when it was a real ship.


This information is more useful…

Construction Salary

Yeah, that will really assist him finding jobs on Great Lakes vessels…you might want to re-check your link bub.

He doesn’t know about marine construction obviously. I too worked for Andrie towing an asphalt barge on a tug named the Rebecca Lynn. They were good folks back then and I assume they still are. As for working in the yard during the off season usually late Jan. to April or early May, they always offered it but I turned it down because you pretty much had to live locally to work off season due to weather constraints traveling from Alabama.

I did some time on the Karen Andrie (new ITB configuration) back in 1994.

Hey thanks guys! No i’m not very familier with construction all of my experience has been ocean towing. But, thank you for your resources everything is helpful. Regards, Tim

Hey Steve, We are in the same neck of the woods, Pensacola area for me. I worked for Dana Marine in Theodore ( Hansen Dreijer now) for years thats where I first started. A question for you, Does Andrie pay transportation, and are they a straight time company or do they have rotations?