Tug/tow jobs in Detroit area?

Moving to Detroit in near future, I currently work on tow boats on the ohio river. Just wondering if anybody has any suggestions/feedback for companies to look up for employment in the Detroit area on tugs or tow/push boats (if those even exist up there - appears to be all tugs).
All I’ve really found in my google searches so far is the Great Lakes towing company.


Try Andrie. Few pushboats over around Chicago, too. Good luck.

In Chicago, Kindra, Cal River Fleeting, Illinois marine Towing is A little South of Chicago.

Selvick towing in Sturgeon Bay

Tug Manitou in Port Huron

In Detroit there is Gaelic Towing.

Andrie is all lake tugs and based in Muskegon.

There are also a few construction and dredging companies. Ryba, Luedke, Deroche(spelling?)

Port City Towing in Muskegon

Dann Towing has a couple of boats on the Lakes in the Summer, one is operating out of Detroit.

Only the Chicago boats are push boats, generally speaking.


Thanks for the list!

So are all of those companies harbor boats that the crew goes home every day or are any of those “Line boats” that stay out for a while? Like a 28 on/28 off?

You might get day work out of Chicago or Stugeon Bay.

Gaelic stays around Detroit and is likely day work. Small company.

Andrie is 28/14. Crew change in Muskegon with company transport from there.

I heard Illinois Marine Towing was 14-14 but I am not sure about that.

There is a Deckhand/Oiler job with the USACE based out of Kewaunee WI. Most of the time they work 8 days on 6 off. Around Chicago with lodging provided.

I’m looking for an engineering gig on the lakes in general, Chicago area would be ideal. Do you know what boat-types on the lake might pick up a 4000 DDE?

(sorry to hijack dvmeter’s conversation; you seemed to be the man with all the info!)

Great info, thanks

Any tug that goes to Canada requires an engineer.

So that is almost all of the larger tugs.

DDE is mainly only good for tugs here. Shouldn’t be hard to get a job with that license though as its a newer requirement and there aren’t enough out there.

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