Help!.. looking for sailing jobs in Florida

Hello, im looking for work as a AB in Florida im also willing to work below my rating to get my foot in the door. i have an AB-unlimted STCW-95, Advanced Fire fighting, TWIC and Passport, BST and 7 years Experience on the Great Lakes. i would like know if anyone here has any information on any companies in Florida ( OSV’s, Tugs, Barges, Container Etc…) so i can go and pound the dirt and knock on some doors. any info / advice will be greatly appreciated. tnx

There are a couple of companies in Tampa. OSG, and United Marine Group. I believe Marine Towing and one other company do ship assist work in Tampa.

I saw the other day that Crowley was looking for people on the Jacksonville to PR run. Search the Gcaptain jobs forum.

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There are really very few jobs in “Florida” so to speak. You have to find the corporate office (where ever that may be) and call them directly. As mentioned, there are a few, but generally they’re just Florida divisions of larger corporations. There are NO OSVs working out of FLA. the OIL is off LA, MS, TX. Go west young man. Tugs and barges are usually doing ‘trans Gulf’ work. Meaning they come from somewhere else to bring stuff there. They may have an office in Tampa, but generally they are from TX or MS. Just as you saw in the GL, the places that ‘make’ cargo generally have the main offices’. Similar, look where the stuff is coming from, and you usually find the places that hire. The only thing Florida produces for export is OLD people and Caskets.

Try Seabulk in Ft Lauderdale, Sante Shipping in Miami, Mobro in Green Cove Springs, McCully Transportation in Ft. Pierce, Dann Ocean Towing out of Tampa (Lou Waller)… not personally familiar with any of them but I’m told Dann is probably your best bet right now. Good luck

Seabulk is union

The earlier post of “go west young man” is the best bet. Pack a bag and go to Lousyana and pound the mud on the bayou. Just about everyone is hiring right now. Florida is mostly tug jobs and tree huggers whose thoughts on drilling are not in my backyard… As they drive off in their big SUV !