Mate of Towing

Anyone know of any smaller end companies with towboats ranging from 600-1400hp or so hiring a freshly Licensed Mate of Towing with inland and western rivers. Looking for 14/7 14/14 or 7/7 schedule.

Try Coastal down in the Miami area.

Thanks! Do you have a number or website I can contact someone at?

Appreciate that! Are u working there currently?

No my Google skills are just stronger than yours

Oh! Haha well thanks!

Check out marine towing of tampa. They currently have 2 mate positions open. Smaller co that does ship assist. I live in the Tampa area and have heard good things.

Thanks enarubin, I will have to check them out. U wouldnt know the pay for a Mate over there would u?

If I had to guess you’d probably be in the ballpark of $400 a day give or take.

Thanks zdrive, i was just asking because i know in the new orleans habor the ship assist tugs are paying 250 for a mate and 300 for a captain working 7/7. Its also all ship pilots’ friends and family working on them on the LMR

I’m just going off what I know guys are making elsewhere on the east coast running that type of boat. Some are under 400, some are a good bit above, some obviously way less. It’s not the big oilfield $ but its definitely nothing to be ashamed of especially for the boat handling experience.

If I didn’t have such a good gig now I’d be all over that if the money was comparable to what I’m getting now…maybe it is. Tampa would be nice.

Im not sure of pay but I would imagine it to be about 300-400 a day. The only other assist company in port here is seabulk and they dont have near as much work as marine towing tampa does. A buddy of mine is a capt. At marine towing and he works 14/14.

I will definitely be giving them a call tomorrow! Hopefully they will take me and train me on that ship assist stuff and let me get my near coastal license.

If I knew how to run a z-drive i would be all over those spots in Tampa.

Good luck man! Also if you check out their website there is an email where you can send your resume and credentials. Also all of tampa bay is considered inland. They don’t go past the demarcation line much. Good luck!!!

[QUOTE=“Bayrunner;122825”]If I knew how to run a z-drive i would be all over those spots in Tampa.[/QUOTE]

Me too. I live 40 minutes from their office!

I am coming from towboats pushing 600-1200 ft of barge with hydraulic steering. Maybe they will give this ole Louisiana boy a shot at it!

Called marine towing of tampa and they said they require near coastal and were not willing to let me ride 90 days and get it on my endorsement! Pretty bummed.

Bummer man. Well good luck in your search!!