Looking for Master of Towing Captain

We’re looking to employee a master of towing captain on as needed basis. Perfect for semi-retired, or anyone with the sea time to work with our staff and owned vessels/barges.

It would help to know where this opportunity is

Company is based in Washington, GA.
We have vessels in Savannah and Ft. Myers Beach, FL
Currently, we’re looking to vessel down from Savannah to Ft. Myers Beach, tow our barge from Ft. Myers Beach up to St. Marys, GA.

Most operations will be Georgia /Florida.

cell: (727) 597.2497

What are you proposing to pay?

If you are not prepared to say, it’s obviously not enough.

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Let’s make it easy for you: What do you want as daily pay?

Not nearly enough stated yet for me to say what I would expect to get. Are you wanting someone just for one trip or longer term? Is it an inland pushboat job or offshore? Age and size of the tug and barge for this trip? Will you pay (or reimburse) for travel?

I do have a current license with a towing endorsement and available but I am also very picky about what I will accept. Not sorry if you are offended because right now that endorsement is worth a good bit of money

Towing endorsement won’t work.
Our vessels & barges need a “Master of Towing” license then enforcement beyond


Just for informational purposes, do any of your guys have a “limited” MOT? Say a 100 or 200 GRT license endorsed as such? As opposed to 500 GT+
I understand the “assistance towing endorsement” is worthless in this case.

Master of towing is what i have but i am highly sceptical you could ever offer enough for me to even consider taking the job? I am left with the belief that you are a fly by night gyppo operator which has gotten away with running loose by the rules but suddenly got told to finally hire a qualified person which you now are having a great deal of difficulty finding hence why you are now here. I suggest you divulge what the pay would be and the terms of employment and if decent enough, you might get a response.

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The fact that he’s reluctant to say what it pays, coupled with the fact that pay in Georgia tends to be among the lowest in the US, tells us that he doesn’t plan to pay very much.

My guess is that he’s probably thinking something in the range of $500, with no travel.

A good point was made that the adequacy of the boats and barges for the intended voyage also needs to be evaluated.

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If you are employed by a good company, I suggest you stay there, your condescending attitude won’t get you far in my world.

I’m looking for someone to start on an as needed basis as we grow with the Marine division of our corporation, more opportunities will be available.

If you’d like to quit the charade and be involved in good business, you can call or text me the numbers already posted.

Right? Weird with the immediate attitude in these replies…why so unfriendly guys? Can we ask what type of boat, how big, what are we towing/pushing, etc? Whats the schedule and whats the pay?

Shoot, I’m young and dumb enough that if I wasnt booked till March I’d give you a call. Dont know shit about running Okeechobee, or inland towing in general, but Ft. Meyers to St Mary’s this time of year sounds like it would make a good story at least. Ive got a ticket to ride, and based on the shit everyone is giving you ive got the experience youre willing to pay for apparently :rofl:

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Hey pal, you are the guy begging for someone here and obviously you’ve got nobody you can reach out to. I am semiretired and could do the job for you but you need to make me want to take it and so far you’re doing a pretty lousy job selling me on the idea…so good luck. I will pass since you refuse to disclose anything publically. If it was a good job paying well on nice equipment you would certainly love to tell us here but since the pay is likely lousy on some crappy old POS boat is why you ain’t sayin nothing.

Master of Towing with experience depending how big the boats are….850-900 a day probably. For good trustworthy work.

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Desperate? Because Wayne is putting out a job opportunity to someone who may need it?
You just joined in November I believe and here you are acting the Ass.
Semi retired out of choice or because no company wants to put up with your egotistical and corrosive big mouth; leaving you with “Semi retirement” fill in jobs as your last resort.

From a guy who probably works for dirt wages on a boat to match.

And yeah, i am a nasty SOB…after having worked tugs for more than 4 decades, I have experienced every kind of vessel owner there is and don’t take anybody’s crap…your’s included

It’s confusing, but when someone is licensed in multiple capacities, the USCG and many mariners refer to each license as an “endorsement.”

Its fairly common for professional mariners with Master 1600, or 2nd mate , or better , to refer to their Master of Towing as a “towing endorsement.”

Very few people on gcaptain would have an “assistance towing endorsement” or confuse it with Master of Towing.


LOL, I think you project too much

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I mean you can do just a little bit of due diligence to see the dude works for Barnett Southern marine, and according to their website they are changing the standard in the Maritime Industry. The only bad things people have to say about them is “bad place for a disabled veteran to work” and “some guy in one of their trucks cut me off doing 70 in a 55” but others say they pay well for the area. They’re just little push boats with construction barges, Id love to go for a boat ride up the ICW.