Looking for Master of Towing Captain

His first post where he says he wants to hire a “master of towing captain” shows he’s new to the game and barely understands the terms he’s using.


I won’t disagree Phoenix. I do however… if this is a real post it is an opportunity to learn/enhance boathandling for a young fellow.that has a bit, but not a lot of experience. Cut my teeth on these kind of outfits early on in my career… No regrets. I wish him/her luck getting qualified crew at a pay rate that fits with the budget and the loan requirements to get the business going… Small ports,small pay… I wouldn’t bust his/ her ass to try and get a gig.going or keep it going…

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I agree that it might be a nice little job to do in the sunshine and the kind of work I am looking to take hence why I initially replied to his post here but this Wayne does not seem to understand that just because a man is not working fulltime anymore that he will accept less than a fair rate based on the market? Taking a job for cheap just emboldens these operators to keep expecting they can get away offering work for less than they need to and not offer at least reimbursement for expenses to get to where the job is which would be not insubstantial. The fact of the matter is that there is a big shortage of mariners who have master of towing endorsements everywhere in the country these days and knowing that, i am not going to work unless the terms are favorable to me and in this case, I do not see they would be. Wayne wont disclose the terms which tells me they are not very good.

Let’s see if he comes back here this morning with anything more other than to tell me I have a condescending attitude? He is the guy obviously in need of someone but when a person appears does everything he can to drive him away. Good luck to him is all I can say.

Looked them up and agree that this is the company in question. Not a tiny operation by any means but their marine side looks pretty small. Still pretty skeptical about what they might offer however?

Oldschool - I don’t need to reply to skewed dissertation on the public forum. I simply offered an opportunity as a “win-win” proposition for guys that have the skill and the credentials we feel is necessary to be successful within the Marine Industry, which like you I have personally spent decades in. The people that have contacted me on the legitimate personal cell phone posted to date, I think we have exceeded their expectations and offered opportunity. Though I enjoy the bantering and bringing comradery even in distorted speculation within this group of guys - fact is this forum addresses the talent I thought was out here. Thank you for the opportunity to pitch.

Even with the ribbing, thank you for thinking of posting the opportunity for somone. I’m sure someone will take the job if the compensation is appropriate for the job market in your area. I do think in the future you should be upfront and list the expected compensation.

Some guys have been trained to waste a lot of time applying for jobs, to find out how much some company thinks they might be worth. Owners think “how cheap can we get them.”

It’s laughable when some kid with little or no seagoing experience thinks he/she is qualified to value my worth.

I could work every day of the year at average, and often better, PNW pay, or at average NY pay, if I wanted to. I work too much as it is.

I do short term relief jobs or trip jobs on the side at top pay. Much less than top pay, why bother? Without benefits, it’s less than I make in my regular job.

I’ll occasionally do something cheap, just because it’s going somewhere or doing something interesting. However, I’m generally reluctant to work cheap because I don’t have to, and it’s not good for the industry.

I do not pursue any job if they are not right up front with the day rate.

I don’t fill out applications, unless I already know the day rate, and it’s just a formality after I have already been offered the job and I have decided to take it.

To paraphrase Nancy Reagan: Just say NO to jobs with unannounced wages. Just say NO to low wages.

It’s time for us to train owners that times have changed. There is no longer a big surplus of tugboat captains begging for jobs. We are valuable talent with the right credentials that they need. Employers should be making an effort to convince us to work for them. Money talks. Bullshit walks.

To be fair to Wayne, he did say call to find out the wage. Nothing wrong with that.

I didn’t call because I am committed elsewhere, and long overdue for a good vacation. I also strongly suspect that I would probably laugh at whatever the typical Georgia based company wants to pay. It’s the lowest paying area of the US.


Tugs…you pretty much nailed my own thoughts on the subject in your post just now. There really isn’t a single thing I can add to it except that this Wayne said in his very first post he was looking for somebody semi-retired with experience for this work he has. That means not a kid but a seasoned Mariner who knows what he’s doing. Men like us who fit that description don’t work for peanuts because we don’t have to and there’s no incentive for us to take anything less than what we are worth.

Maybe Wayne knew this from the gitgo and that he was prepared to pay a fair wage and maybe even reimburse for travel but he sure seemed to be unwilling to say any of that when pressed and I will get to use your own words when you say that money talks and everything else walks

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