Help me out please OS

Well I jus finished high school and I went to a maritime school. I have my twic, passport, and MMC. I need help finding my first job… Anyone?

Use the search function. Beware of pointy sticks and other sharp objects.

I’m on google its not much of help

Ohhh boy… Use the search function for this site. Look for a thread started by a fella named rebel_rider1969 titled “hello another guy looking for a job”. It details his entire odyssey from start to finish.

Might help if you told where you were located, whether it’s ships, oil rigs, tugs or OSV’s that you’re looking for work.

Jacksonville Florida

Have you tried Dann Ocean Towing out of Tampa? Tradewinds Towing out of St. Augustine, or Crowley right in Jacksonville.

I’m about to try them all right now thanks

Call Julian in Miami at Kirby , 305-579-5013 or 5017

Thank you. I will first thing in the morning

Hey Chris you went to the New York Harbor School in governor island or you went to another Maritime high school ?

I went to bluewater maritime in Jacksonville

Seabulk towing has boats in Tampa.

Thank you all for the help I’m still looking all I gotta do is pray

Ok cool, I also went to a Maritime high school. What you have to do is start small, sometimes you might get lucky and get a job on a tug right away and sometimes you won’t. what I started doing was working on small ferries and dinner boats, then I started applying for work on tug boats once I got more experience under my belt. Right now I work for Dann ocean Towing right there in Tampa, I know right now there are not hiring but you should apply for dinner boat or ferries get something under your belt.