TOAR, diamond marine services and TOAR routes?

I need to get a TOAR completed, I have heard that Diamond Marine Services in NY, will allow you onboard and has DE onboard to obveserve and sign you off your TOAR. Has anyone heard anything about these guys?

Does a TOAR NC or OCEANS cover inland TOARS? If you want to work inland, great lakes, and NC. DO you have to complete all different TOARS. If you have a 500grt NC masters it covers working inland and great lakes. Is that the same with MatePilot of towing and Master of towing licenses?

If you are going the route of holding a 200grt master , completeing a TOAR, and taking an apprentice steerman course and 30 days training and observation on a specific route. To obtain the mate pilots license, what is the requirments and defintion of the 30days training and observation?

Diamond Marine Services is a legitimate outfit. They are set up to conduct the TOAR for guys that have experience but no access to a DE. If you have no, or little, experience do not expect to get signed off.

An oceans TOAR covers all routes except western rivers.

Still wondering what the definition of the 30 days training ad observation is ? What would your seatime letter need to state? I have hundreds of days on deck of an uninspected towing vessel, everyone of those days I observed and became more trained.

The REC counted towing time before I had my license as the 30 days but that was before NMC…