What requirements to go from Master 1600 Oceans to MOT?

I have been driving 1600 ton vessels (fishing) in AK for years, but want to get my MOT. I have heard I can do this with only 30 days on a tow vessel.
Is this true? Also anyone know where I can do this…I probably shouldn’t say this…but I would do it for free!

Or…where can I get one of those darn TOARs???

You can search for a couple ‘schools’ to take a course at. Or you find a towing company that 1. Has 'Designated Examiners’
2. Will hire you!

Yes, I am ready "to be hired!"
Thanks for the response!

I saw that Diamond Marine in NY does the TOAR certificate…how much does that cost? Does anyone know?

Last I heard it was around $1300 they do the whole assessment in one day

You are correct in your assumption that you only need 30 days experience aboard a towing vessel and a completed TOAR.

I know from your response that you are ‘willing’ to get hired. But I worded it differently. You have to find a company that will hire you AND that has a DE, and will let you train. Being sort of obtuse, but it isn’t just up to you, but you finding a place that not only knows about what a Designated Examiner is, but employs one. Your TOAR must be checked off BY a DE. Just any ordinary tug operator don’t cut it.

i did a similar route, transferring over from passenger boats. i found a company with a DE and sailed as deckhand until i got everything signed off. be advised it will likely take more than 30 days… in my case it took about eight months (four months actual sailing time). The company was in gulf of AK and out the aleutians. there are a bunch of threads on here about this topic. try searching TOAR. good luck.

Thanks. I am in contact with Diamond Marine in NY. They do the class.
How do you like the towing industry? If you worked in the GOA and aleutians I have probably seen you.
I operate out of Dutch Harbor. Is the employment situation good in towing?
I see a lot of jobs looking for guys with MOT.
Thanks again

a couple of guys flew up to new york and got signed off in a week. i will try and find out where.

Call Sam at 908-799-8627. Was on AK tug$/barges myself with great Captains who shared their wealth of knowledge but for whatever reason did not have a DE. Sam will assess you throughout the day up in the Hudson river, interesting little tug to work on and will sign you off if you’re competent. @ $1200. My company paid! Never hurts to ask!

I hear that Crowley flew in its captains and mates for its new Legacy series of ATBs to Diamond Marine Services for them to do their TOARs. I also hear that Crowley hired guys with unlimited licenses and little or no towing experience for their Legacy series ATBs Apparently, its faster and cheaper for Crowley to hire Diamond Marine Services than it is for them to do the TOAR training themselves on the Crowley tug fleet.

I believe they moved over their crews from their old single hull tankers Blue Ridge and Coast Range. So all those guys would have unlimited licenses.

i was on the mighty Samson Mariner, spent a bunch of time in dutch shuffling between the city dock and APL so the company didn’t have to pay the longshoremen to offload our cargo. anyway, I’m doing more long distance tows now…From a boat handling perspective you can’t beat the wire work,flopping on the barge, landing barges,etc. the long distance tows suck. sit in a chair and twiddle your thumbs for 30 days at 6 kts. go for harbor work or shorter coastal runs IF you have a choice.