Another TOAR question

I currently hold have a 200T MOT for inland and WR. I’d like to get add 200ton mate of towing NC. At first I thought I just needed to take the Nav Gen: NC and the Nav Problems: NC but now I believe I need to take the tests and a TOAR. Is that right? If so I’d love any advice on getting an NC TOAR without going back to the deck on a near coastal vessel.

You can do a one day simulator course for the TOAR. Get an Oceans TOAR. A $1000 out of pocket expense, but done in one day which is cheaper and faster than screwing around.

What kind of observation time is needed with only a 200t license though? And how would he get Towing Oceans on an inland or NC route? as far as the observation goes, I am pretty sure it’s 30 days with 500t+ but it’s been a while so can’t remember what it is for less than.

Do you have a 200 ton license and a Master of Towing towing OR do you have a Master of Towing limited to 200 tons?

From the checklist:

To add a route:
Near Coastal/Oceans – 90 days of observation and training; AND NC/Oceans
TOAR; AND evidence of Apprentice Mate/Steersman NC/Oceans
NOTE: No testing required if requested route is held as AMS or Mate (Pilot) on
the requested route as master. See exam guide to determine testing for adding

To remove a tonnage limitation:

For mariners who were grandfathered with tonnage to match the inspected deck
officer endorsement (Example: Master 100 GRT inspected with Master T/V 100
GRT). Not to be used for limited geographic endorsements.

  1. Completion of Apprentice Mate (Steersman) Exam or course, route
    Note: There is no equivalent or superior exam to remove the tonnage limitation
    on the T/V Endorsement. The equivalent or superior exam only applies to those
    who have never held Master of T/V and have met grandfathering per NVIC 3-
    16, Enclosure (10), see Checklist for National Grandfathering of Master & Mate
    (Pilot) of towing Vessels.

The relevant text from nvic 3-16:

d. Grandfathering of Towing Vessel Endorsements/Tonnage Limits.

  1. Mariners may be grandfathered to endorsements as Mate (Pilot) or Master of towing
    vessels as described in Enclosure (10). Mariners may be grandfathered if they have
    experience operating towing vessels prior to May 21, 2001; 46 CFR 11.463(d).
  2. Some mariners previously grandfathered to the towing vessel endorsements may have
    a tonnage restriction on their endorsement. To remove the tonnage restriction,
    mariners must take the steersman examination(s) for the appropriate route(s).

I believe a 200 ton license and a master of towing. Sorry for the poor wording. Coming from pushboats, licensing stuff is never discussed since it’s just one class and you’re good to go for your career. So trying to get into something different is a whole new world.

I believe this is the checklist I’m going off of since I’m just going for the mates license near coastal

46 CFR
30 days of training & observation on towing vessels on a particular route; 90 days for Western Rivers (still required even if route already held as AMS); WITH
1 Appropriate TOAR OR approved TOAR course AND
2 Pass an exam (unless AMS exam or course previously completed)

What exactly does it say on your MMC?

If they are separate licenses then the 200 ton NC and the Mate of Towing NC are separate with separate requirements. The Mate of Towing is simple, Master of Towing Inland qualifies for Mate of Towing NC automatically, you’ll just need to take the NC/Oceans Apprentice Mate exam and that’s it. You then can work as mate and get your NC/Oceans TOAR completed while working as mate. Once you turn in your NC TOAR with 90 days on NC routes you get Master of Towing NC.

Here’s the relevant section from the checklist


That’s why it matters what license(s) you actually hold. Do you hold Master of Towing or Master of Towing (Limited)?

You don’t know what is in your own MMC?

I see what you’re saying thank you. So I do have a master of towing on inland and WR. And a mate license of less than 200GRT Inland

Then you can apply for Mate of Towing NC right now, you’ll just have to take the Apprentice Mate NC exam.

Ok that is what I originally thought. Thanks very much for your help

I know I make it seem that way. The wording of different coast guard things just screws me up every time. Also no one in my industry is ever trying to upgrade their license so I’m forced to ask dumbass questions to the internet lol

Are you limited to a certain geographic areas or only for tonnage?

I believe a TOAR one day simulator class can cover any and all routes. Ocean and Near Coastal are essentially the same class. Oceans covers everything except Western Rivers. So get an Oceans TOAR.

He will need 30 days (20-12 hour days) of coastal, oceans, or Great Lakes observer time

No, it’s 90 days or 60 12-hour days.

I agree 90 days for first master or mate of towing, but he already has master of towing.

Is it still another 90 days for someone with master of towing seeking an extension of route, not a raise in grade?

Another thing, as a Master of Towing WR, can’t he get Mate of Towing Near Coastal without any near coastal time? Just an exam.


That would be silly, but obtaining a TOAR in a simulator to me is also laughable so I guess it wouldn’t surprise me.
The observation and training has to be completed on the intended route, not in a simulator.
See 46 CFR 11.465 (d) 1