TOAR / Towing Endorsement Question

If someone were to get a 200 ton NC license and a 500 ton inland license and complete a near coastal TOAR could they then get a mate of towing near coastal? Or would they still need to do the apprentice mate thing to get the NC?

You’ve got to complete a TOAR & I think train for 30days???

Thankz alot

I believe the license would be restricted to inland. The process you are referring to only applies to “someone who holds a GREATER than 200 ton license.” And then it applies to the license held. The NC license is NOT over 200 tons.

The area of operation for the TOAR is within the scope of your license. And you can only complete a TOAR without doing the apprentice mate if you hold a license grater that 200 tons.

Ahhh. I was afraid of that. I an trying to find ways to help a deckhand get licensed the fastest. He has plenty of offshore sea time on small boats, now he needs his tonnage time. The problem is he cannot complete the OICNW assessments or RFPNW assessments on here as we never go outside the boundry line.