Things I learned watching Blow Deck

I just caught the new yachting show Below Deck. Kept waiting to see an MPT commercial. Always striving to increase my nautical knowledge, I thought I would pass on the things I learned watching the show,

  1. Never say Hot Brunette Starboard side over the radio. I think I knew that one.

  2. Our clients should be tipping us in cash. They got 15 K for a 3 day charter. That’s 5K a day so x 28 we should be getting 140K divided equally.

  3. Running out of vegetables on a 3 day charter is unacceptable.

  4. If you give the people bad food they feel like they are getting screwed. If you give them fantastic food, you can screw them and they won’t care.

  5. Tide is new and improved.

This is NOT the post I was looking for. You should be held accountable for your Title young man,…

Blow Deck on some boats may not be something that you WANT to see. . . .or maybe. . . .

From my old days working in restaurants this is true. But from my time in five star restaurants: you can feed the people shit but give them good service and they go home happy.

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