Cook jobs

Anyone got any information on jobs for an unlimited AB cook? Don’t want to work on deck but I am told and excellent cook and been doing it almost 20 years. Last 10 in the oil patch. Would like to get in blue water again but in a cook/ chief steward slot. Have cooked for up to 50 offshore for up to 45 days at sea without reapply in the past. Any information is appreciated. Thx

Too lazy to work on deck?

most deckhands are too

Sorry a good cook is way more valuable to a crew than a deckhand that looks for reasons not to work. I have cooked in situations that the deck dept was shut down due to safety concerns. Too rough to paint or do sanitation but “what’s for lunch” is the first thing out of their mouths. Not to mention the 14-15 hour days.

If you don’t have something constructive to contribute, don’t.

Stewards/cooks are some of the hardest working seafarers that I’ve come across in my career.

Agreed. Cooks work their ass off. Hope you find a good gig, man.

Thanks for your thoughts.

I’ll agree. I’ve worked at one company that hired cooks and he worked as hard as any of us on deck. He wasn’t a one trick pony either. Other than hamburgers and steaks we never had the same dinner twice, and we all loved burgers and steaks enough to eat them more than once a hitch.

Cooks work their ass off? Not in the patch. Maybe 2 out of 10 are even worth a damn. However comparing sitting in the a/c making a couple meals a day to a true deckhand whose doing his job meaning chipping and grinding and painting in 90 degree heat makes you looney.

Have you ever worked on a boat with a cook? Whether you like the food or not, that guy (or gal) is up at 0400 making breakfast. Dishes and meal prep from about 0800 til noon meal. Wash dishes again and some prep for evening meal followed by a short nap (if he’s lucky). Serve evening meal at 1800, do dishes again until about 2000 and then off to bed until 0400 tomorrow. Somewhere in there, he will manage to throw a cake or pie on the table once or twice a week.

Yep, some lazy ass sumbitches them cooks are.

I’ve always wondered how many complainers have actually cooked for 15 people 3 times a day for 28 days straight.

Anyone can jump back there and cook the family recipe for one meal and have the oncoming section clean up the mess.

The ones I see jump up at 4. In pajamas. Throw a bunch sausage and bacon in the oven. Sit down watch tv. Pull that out when it’s done. Make a vat of scrambled eggs and throw some biscuits in. Then go back to bed. Then throw something together usually burgers or sandwiches or something along those lines. Then there may be a decent dinner. All while done completely in the air conditioned comfort of the galley. Also my deckhands almost always end up cleaning the galley right because the cook doesn’t. Those are my experiences with oil field cooks. Once in a blue moon a stellar one comes along but very rare.

Seems to me that gofast is bitter. Maybe the fact that he is probably a pisspoor captain is why his cooks seem not to try. Morale must be phenomenal on his vessel since he obviously is such a motivator of his crew. Probably just a bitter old sailor.

Guess your just unlucky, then. Majority I have worked with are on their feet hustling all damn day and most of the night. Also, I believe cooking is harder than you think it to be. I’ve seen their schedule, workload, and pay, and I’d rather be out on deck chipping paint.

You are a tool. Far from bitter. Definitely not old. So try again widget.