The Premier Manufacturer of Fiberglass Boats

Gulf Craft is a brand recognized internationally for its reliability in the marine manufacturing industry, innovative design layouts and styling for the regional and international markets.
With the UAE’s long established seafaring tradition, it is little wonder that a local company should excel in the yacht building industry globally. The UAE’s familiar dhows are the product of refined boat-building skills that have been passed on from generation to generation, providing boats for the Gulf and Indian Ocean waters since the earliest days of trading.

This should probably be in boats for sale, not professional mariner…

This was not for sale, but more likely an opportunity for all to see exactly what a potential pirate skiff looks like! Just a random thought!!!

Wrong Gulf Craft. More interested in the guys out of Amelia, LA that build huge crew boats out of Aluminum. You know made out of something you can press a platform with when you got a 300 lbs guy that doesn’t know the fundamentals of swing rope usage.

Time for a new marketing Dept as none of us drive Yacht’s, much less afford them.