Harvey selling boats to Gulf Mark?

Just saw the Harvey Sea-Hawk with her name painted over and the name “Gulf Tiger” painted on her. Does anybody know anything about this?

Wouldn’t be GulfMark. None of our boats start with “Gulf.” Graham Gulf boats do though.

Gulf Tiger was the name of a GOL boat. If I had to guess, you are getting identical boats confused since Harvey purchased GOL’s larger vessels.

The Gulf Tiger just passed by and it does have Harvey Sea-Hawk welded on it and painted over with blue paint. Maybe HGMI is selling off the smaller stuff.

No. They just have not done all of the paperwork for the name change. Till’ then Gulf Tiger it is.

This is correct. And to be more specific, the vessel was originally built for Gulf Fleet. Joel Broussard picked it up around the time of the Horizon disaster, when Gulf Fleet went belly up. Last month when we were in the shipyard getting the colors changed & going through topside, the Coast Guard said we couldn’t change the name on it because Gulf Fleets former investors had a lien on it, so until all that is worked out… Gulf Tiger it is.