New Harvey Gulf rumor

I’be been hearing Harvey has their eyes on another company in the gulf since the GOL buyout. Anyone hearing the same thing?

They buy everything! Pretty soon Bayou LaFlush is going to be orange and blue.

Heard the same since they bought us. Little bird says Aries.

Little birdie say ACO.

Aries I can see. They have gotten rid of their older stuff and have 2 299’ like Harvey already has with 2 270’s on the way. Plus lift boats are huge money makers right now.

ACO is a bit of a stretch, but you never know.

I don’t see ACO being sold either. Too many of the small 150’s in the fleet for Harvey to be interested in.

I also heard ARIES.

[QUOTE=CaptChris878;113539]I don’t see ACO being sold either. Too many of the small 150’s in the fleet for Harvey to be interested in.[/QUOTE]

Harvey is looking at ACO’s DP-2 fleet which consists of roughly 19 vessels. The rumor is they have plans to stretch them, remove tonnage doors and baffles from mud tanks. The GRT will increase dramatically but not many guys want to run a 100 ton vessel once they have the experience and DP certificate. My only thoughts are that ACO’s vessels aren’t wide enough to make stretching them viable and gain much more capacities.

Aries I guess could sell but they have enough contacts to keep their vessels working and are too small to gain much from Harvey’s perspective. Several guys in the ACO office have asked about the rumor and can’t get an answer. Usually that gives you all the knowledge needed of what’s taking place.

Well ill never say never again but the Aries thing came out of a Harvey mouth when trying to make us feel better about getting bought.
I mean it looks like the best choice also. Same boats Harvey has, and just purchased. Smaller company like GOL trying to play with the big boys.
Then again, they may want to diversify and have a little of everything. They bought our crew boats after all. They’re getting a good dose of 100 ton mentality and problems right now so they’ll think long and hard on buying more of them I promise.

Hell I just don’t see where it would be a benefit for them to buy ACO in my opinion. With GOL they had the large workboats. With Beemar they had large workboats. ACO they have the mid range sized workboats but I don’t see how they would be stretched in a way that would be worth the time and money. Also add the fact that ACO has been bought several times over the years. At the end of the day this is all above my day rate. If ACO sells to Harvey, that would be great. If they don’t,…that’s cool too. Despite the rumors or bad experiences you see from people I love working here. Damn good people and they’ve done right by me every time.

They’re looking at Labordes 3 Eastern Shipbuilding DP2 boats.

They are buying Bouchard and the hornbeck tug/barges. Read it and weep.

I thought Harvey was buying Chouest.

Harvey is buying Chouest, Seacor is buying ACO and Odyssea, GIS is buying International, Laborde is kinda sitting there with Comar picking at scraps, HOS is buying small ships, Chouest is buying south Louisiana, and Obama is screwing with the rotation.

I think I got that right…

If harvey buys Chouest, does that mean I get a raise? If so, I’m fine with that transaction hahaha.

[QUOTE=“z-drive;113615”]They are buying Bouchard and the hornbeck tug/barges. Read it and weep.[/QUOTE]

Now now I just finished doing all the red paint

As long as the pay checks cash. I’m all good with it. But if they do buy ACO, look for it to be made public on Monday!:cool:

The new paint job on the harvey express dont look to bad.
He dont want to be at the bottom he wants to be #1 it seems like…

Harvey express

Little better pic of the Express.