Gulfmark newbuild?

It’s saw a new Gulfmark boat that took me by surprise. Dont remember the name but it’s one of the ThomasSea spec built boats just like the GOL ones. Looked very odd tied up next to one of their other OSV’s…considerably longer but about 2 levels shorter without that massive house Gulfmark is known for.

Anyone know why they abandoned the European style or was this just a price point purchase?

It and its sister vessel the Al Kat, run by Seacor, where built for bare boat charter by some investors in Houma.
Supposedly Bordelon Marine was going to charter them, but the deal feel through.

Don’t know if Gulfmark is just running it or bought it. Petty sure the Al Kat is a lease boat though as Seacor does that all the time.

A little history, Gulfmark didn’t build any boats they bought out Rigdon Marine so they could get some US flagged vessels about 4 years ago or so.

I knew the Gulfmark/Rigdon boats are a Bourbon design but it was odd to see that vessel with the Gulfmark emblem. Thanks for the info!

we just bought the boat from a company that was going out of business. im hoping we buy some more besides that one our biggest is 225 feet kinda small in todays market.

Makes sense. Always thought they should stretch those boats. They look like they need 40-50’ on the stern.

yeah they are slowly stretching our 190s to 225s. I wish they would stretch the 210s to 260s.

I think the Thoma-Sea boat is called Thomas Wainwright. Saw it too and was wondering

Yes. I saw it also at C-port1 looks rather dinky. Surprised when I saw the Gulfmark “G” on it.

It is named after a classmate of mine that killed after being attacked by a shark in Australia.

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You are correct about it being named after Georges son Thomas. It was formerly the Southern Cross.

photo for reference[ATTACH]2111[/ATTACH]

Hey what is GulfMark paying over there for 1600 masters and limited chiefs? I have both and looking to make a move heard they got great bonuses and yearly raises guaranteed .

Whom ever told you that has a hell of a sense of humor!