Hi Folks,<br>I’m curious if any one has explored employment with Bourbon. Their explosive growth and super looking new equipment has my interest. Thanks in advance.<br>MTSKIER


I applied online with Bourbon 3 times. Im an AB Unltd. Havent heard anything back. I read Rigdon was part of Bourbon in GOM, but from posts on this site, Ive heard Rigdon falls a bit short of what the promise, so I didnt apply. Your milage may vary. Anyhow Rigdon just sold again, so It might be interesting to see how this plays out. <br>I was thinking same as you, that there must be some great opportunities if they are turning ships out that fast. Im really curious myself.


Rigdon marine was just bought by Gulfmark Marine out of Houston. It is an international company. Check their website.


Rigdon only took a loan out with Bourbon to build all those little 190’s. There was stink about it not conforming to the Jones act because the way the contract was written Rigdon was actually just leasing the boats from Bourbon, but since they were built here in the states, and all American crews in the end it passed. <br><br>


Their website has no contact information. How do you find out if they are hiring or send them a resume? I could not find anything about the Rigdon boats on there either.