Hamilton Jet Crew/Supply boats

I am hoping to find a job in the offshore industry to get sea time to increase the scope of my license. I currently have a 150 GRT Near Coastal/ 500 GRT Inland Master. I have been working in the passenger ferry industry for the past 7 years and have a lot of experience with Hamilton Waterjets. I have heard that a lot of vessels down the GOM are being built with the 800 and 900 series Hamilton Jets. Anybody know which companies have these boats? And more importantly is anyone hiring down there in this economy?

Gulfmark has two and seacor has a couple as well. The only people that I know that have the 900 series are seacor. If your gonna come run them in the gulf be prepared for a bumpy ride I currently run one for gulfmark she handles like a sports car but her ride is quite bumpy to say the least. I have a feeling the crew boat industry is going more and more towards jets for the speed that they provide. If you got any questions feel free to PM me.

Candy Fleet out of Morgan City, LA has been adding jet boats to their fleet.


Can’t tell you if they are hiring, but Steve Marcrum is the HR man there.

Thanks for the info. I have been sending resumes out via email but not really getting any responses. I will definitely try Candy Fleet and Gulfmark. I guess it will be hard to get in as a greenhorn to the offshore biz but I really want to get on the big jet boats. Out of curiosity, are most of the jet boats >100 GRT boats? I would love to get on something bigger than a 100 GRT because my 150 GRT license will turn into 200 GRT with 90 days time…Thanks again for the tips!

Carl from Rhode Island

All of Candy Fleet’s crew boats are less than 100 GRT.

They have three supply boats that are the only ones that require a Master 500 GRT.