Looking for an offshore job

Trying to break into to the offshore industry in the GOM as a Captain after a 30 yrs Naval career. I have my MMD, Master 200GRT/500GRT(ITC) near coastal, TWIC, Radar Observer, MROP, and completed BST. I have about 30 applications out with no results so far. Any suggestions on best practices on how to land a job. Thanks in advance.

there a some very good company lists in this forum to be had by searching them out…with a master 200/500 you should probably concentrate on those companies with crewboats, utility boats, mini-supply vessels and/or liftboats in thier fleet…two that are near you are Barry Graham and International Boat Rentals…have found that e-mailing applications and resumes to not be all that effective…suggest you consider making a well researched and organized “road trip”…might also consider a “headhunter” but be very very careful with that!!

best luck in your quest!!

Thanks Seadawg. Thought about heading to LA for the road trip, where are most of the companies concentrated at Morgan City, Houma?

Highway 1 is like a boat company fleamarket. If you drive highway 1 (Raceland to Grand Isle) and highway 90 (Lafayette to Raceland) You will probably cover 75% or more of the Supply Boat, Crew Boat, and Liftboat Companies. Good luck! I’m setting out at 0500 for the highway 90 to highway 1 grand tour. Also I will be picking up a second headhunter. Even with all that I figure my chances of landing a job are 1 in 5 at best…

Thanks TxKingfisher, please let me how your road trip goes and if your have any leads for myself. I’m thinking of heading over on Monday next week. I may have to make this a two day road trip given the distance for me.