T-AGS O&M Contract

According to the operation and management spread sheet on the MSC website, it shows that Ocean Ships Inc’s contract expired in September of this year. Anyone know who is currently managing those ship (USNS Bowditch, etc)? Or what companies are bidding on and who is slated to take over the contract?

The article you mention is for the T-AOGS and T-AGM vessels. Those are not the vessels I am asking about

I found that Ocean Ships Inc was extended 6 months and the contract ends March 31, 2023. Hopefully an MMP or MEBA company gets the contract. It would be nice if the government spread some of the MSC ships around to other unions. I think the only MSC ships that aren’t managed by an AMO company the Watson class ships (patriot) and some hornbeck operated ones. MARAD does a better job giving contracts to all the unions. The RRF is spread out between MMP, AMO, and MEBA companies and officers.

Where on the MSC website can the operation and management spread sheet be found?

Contracts (navy.mil) That is the link but the data hasn’t been updated.