MM&P losing 9 Vessels in Oct. 2025- when to jump ship?

There is a high possibility that the following will happen: 5 Patriot pre-position going ROS and the passthrough with MEBA expiring without renewal meaning all Express Vessels are going to be called in the MEBA halls first. Both are set to happen in October 2025.

After the following happens, I feel there will be WAAAYYY many A books and no real opportunities.

Yeah there is some opportunities on tankers but when you do the math it makes sense to switch to AMO or MEBA over sticking it with MMP.

Would it be wise for a junior deck officer to switch from the MM&P to MEBA now to beat the flood of people who may do that in October of 2025?

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Plenty of jobs in AMO for you right now if you want, And I think initiation is still on sale. A lot can happen in the next year and a half, though. I have a hunch if someone has you worried about this, someone has an ulterior motive.

How many deck jobs are there in MEBA vs how many deck officers are looking? Plenty of AMO tanker jobs fwiw.

At least you got about a year. Plus, those things rarely happen on time. At least with move to ROS, I can’t speak to the MMP pass through expiration. However with MEBA and AMO’s new agreement it seems like it’d be more likely the two have a reunion.

They had been talking about sending the BOBO class ships to ROS for like 3 years and it looks like only 1 has the trajectory to actually get there, and that was because she caught on fire and they said fuck it we’re not going to fix it. Prior to that I think Lummus was going but she took the mission instead.

With MMP even as an A book you aren’t guaranteed a permanent job. So there is always an inherent risk of staying a junior officer within MMP. You have to move up to a senior officer to get a permanent job.

Depends if you’re able to secure an A Book and a permanent chief mate job with a company that isn’t Crowley/ the express ships or Patriot within the next year. If you can’t make that happen within a year then I understand you’d be in a tough spot. If MMP looses the Patriot ships, Express vessels, and happens to unionize OSG Deckies there would be an excess of A books floating around with a lot of Senior Officers out of work. You might not be able to get an A book for a long time if that scenario happens.

I think if MMP only looses the Patriot ships it will only affect senior officers as Patriot struggles more to fill the junior officer positions on those ships.

Basically all of this ALSO largely depends on what type of vessels and company you want to work on / with.