Switzerland ban face covering

In the middle of a pandemic Switzerland vote to ban face covering:

While in Texas they go the other way:

This is pure nonsense, it has nothing to do with Covid-19 !

The Swiss popular initiative to forbid face covering started in 2016, when nobody knew about a future Corona pandemic. The voters accepted it this Sunday.

BBC: “voted in favour of banning face coverings in public, including the burka or niqab worn by Muslim women”.
Not ‘including’, the colloquial title of the initiative was ‘Burka-Initiative’.

It was meant to protect Muslim women from their husbands’ orders and, indeed, to protect the country against Muslim terrorists…
Carnival masks or Corona masks are not forbidden !

Maybe more relevant for Norway:
EFTA and Indonesia signed a Commerce and Customs Treaty.
The Left-Green politicians forced a general plebiscite; they refused the palm-oil commerce.
This Sunday, the people accepted the treaty.

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According to the article only around 30 woman in all of Switzerland were wearing Niqab’s and “almost no-one in Switzerland wears a burka”. They really needed a law for 30 people?

Why wait until a bridge collapses or a dam breaks before fixing the problems?


There’s 41.7 million females in Iran & all of them, once they enter puberty are required by law to wear head coverings. Same for a large state in Indonesia. While Saudi Arabia recently changed their official mandate about female head coverings their popular Islamic culture still punishes them for exercising their new freedoms. The same loons who are offended by Switzerland’s new “oppressive” law don’t give a damn about the millions of women of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia or even Afghanistan where women are still stoned to death by practitioners of the religion of peace. Good for Switzerland, nip it in the bud IMO.


No comments on the lifting of mask mandate in Texas? Freedom to infect everybody around you?

It was lifted by one person against advice from health authorities, both Federal and local. (Nobody asked the people, as in Switzerland)

It’s Texas man. Everything is bigger in Texas, even the distractions over their failed deregulated power grid.

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Even the bigger swarm of illegal immigrants . How many of them are infected?


Or gets infected by mask-less Texans when they get there?

Lots of Neanderthal thinking in Texas and Florida. We need a suspension of domestic flights to Texas and Florida to protect the rest of us from these fools.

Since Texas and Florida think Covid is a fake disease or just a little flu, their allotment of vaccine should be redirected to the states that are taking Covid seriously.

About 10% of the illegal aliens crossing the border test positive for Covid.

That’s just the ones going through the overloaded system. Many have been released. How about the thousands that have skirted the checkpoints with the understaffed border patrol?

Can’t speak for Texas but the multimillionair republican residents of Ocean Reef in Key Largo took Covid seriously enough that the governor vaccinated them long before any vaccine was available to the little people.



The Miami area is a well-known democratic voting bloc area; the Herald is typical MSM “Biden walks on water” rag. However, it is interesting to note the date mentioned in the article of 22 Jan was 13 days AFTER Brevard County, located in the vicinity of Canaveral was already distributing vaccines and when I got my first shot. . . Furthermore, the greater Orlando Area was getting inoculated at the same time. And overall, Brevard County is nowhere near the income level of Key Largo.

So I’m calling “bullshit” on the story!!!

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Perhaps the neanderthal thinking is not really in the states you mentioned, but really exists in your conclusion.

The data below is from public sources: Population from 2019 US census; and Johns Hopkins Covid web page.

When reading below, take note that TX and FL percentages really don’t differ much from states that have MANDATORY mask mandates [TX recently ended theirs, and FL has not had one statewide. And, the economies of TX and FL are in much better shape than the others. . . We already know that NY has higher death rate due to Cuomo’s directive to put COVID positive folks back in nursing homes. . . HIS IS NEANDERTHAL THINKING.

Population: 28,995,881
2,704,712 cases [9.7%] – 45,582 deaths [1.7%] – 8.85% vaccinated

Population: 21,477,737
1,952,733 cases [9.3%] – 31,889 deaths [1.6%] – 9.83% vaccinated

Population: 39,512,223
3,607,891 cases [9.1%] – 54,628 deaths [1.5%] – 8.80% vaccinated

New York
Population: 19,453,561
1,706,924 cases [8.8%] – 48,481 deaths [2.8%] – 10.08% vaccinated


News flash, Miami-Dade voted for T***p. Of course it was because Miam-Dade is a suburb of South and Central America and votes for anyone who resembles the dictator they ran away from or are affiliated with.

Brevard County glows so red you can see it from space.

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WRONG again, Steamer.
MIAMI-DATE: On 03 Nov 2020, Biden: 617,864. Trump: 532,833.
Here’s the source: Summary Results - Election Night Reporting

ORANGE COUNTY: Biden: 814,009; Trump: 676,498
Here’s the source: Election Results Archives | OC Vote

I get that you suffer from TDS. But don’t let one’s neanderthal thinking obstruct logic & truth.

So three of your conclusions have been demonstrated to be incorrect by FACTS. . . You are almost correct on Brevard, though. Trump: 207,883; Biden: 148,549

Stop drinking the liberal propaganda kool-aid. It’s rotting your brain. :rofl:


All the public health experts tell us that wearing masks, hand cleaning, and social distancing help to contain the spread of Covid. That has worked in many states where people have been conscientious. It’s common sense that it should help and cannot do any harm. So why not keep doing it?

Florida and California have special problems: far too many people who are not conscientious, far too many travelers, far too many illegal aliens, far to many people that cannot understand English, far too little testing, far too little contact tracing; no effective quarantines (which depend on having conscientious people), and so on.

Alaska has done a good job of containing Covid, in spite of 25% of the population being vulnerable Natives. Alaska has mask mandates, quarantines, in-state travel restrictions and local quarantines. Lots of testing, including testing at the airports, Vigorous contact tracing, and the most effective vaccination program. Although there are a lot of people that think Covid is a fake disease of just a little Wu-flu, most people are very conscientious.

The biggest factor in controlling Covid is having conscientious people who care about their neighbors. This is common in small towns and small states, but less common in big cities and big states.

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Here’s what happened:

You have to read behind the headlines. And by the way, your cult leader lost and is on his way to jail.

Steamer - you continue to deflect & divert. You’ve gone from COVID to Trump. You are the one that posted the negative and incorrect comments about TX & FL. Then you said that Miami-Dade voted for Trump-and was proven incorrect again. Now you’re on a tear about Trump.
Get a grip. He’s living rent-free in your head!! Go evacuate your bowels, you’ll feel much better.


The nerve of these people! I’m outraged. Don’t they know if they want to ease covid19 restrictions & try to provide for their families & pursue happiness they need to have a bunch of Texans sick & dying to fit into my worldview. I’m never going to Texas again! How dare they?!