The Masks Masquerade - Nassim Taleb

In this country nobody in the streets is wearing masks, already since the start of the pandemic. It isn’t compulsory except in public transport etc. The idea is that face masks are not a substitute for 1.5 metres. The number of death is since weeks down to almost zero per day.

A couple of weeks ago there was a demonstration on a square in Amsterdam that got out of hand and grew from the expected 300 to 10.000! Nobody was wearing masks and distancing was zero, nevertheless only one case of infection was reported and the origin is even unsure.

Looks like a lot of masks were worn to me. Certainly not ‘nobody’.

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The amount of misinformation regarding masks by so called ‘experts’ with degrees, PhDs and lots of letters after their names is remarkable.

Telling people masks don’t work because they don’t want people buying them should be a criminal offence.

Telling people not to wear masks because it might give them a false sense of security and they might not social distance is treating adults like kids.

Masks work, that’s part of the reason all the East Asian countries like Taiwan, South Korea and Japan managed to nip the spread of virus in the bud early and continue life almost as normal all throughout the pandemic.

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Evidently an important factor is outside vs inside.There were few new infections from the street protest in the U.S. but the so-called reopening in some states is causing a very large increase in cases.

Opening bars in particular; inside, no masks, no social distancing .

Airborne transmission would make people even more vulnerable to the virus in a closed room. Nardell said that in an office occupied by five people, as windows are closed and air conditioners turned on, CO2 levels rise steeply, a sign that occupants are rebreathing air in the room and from each other.

That’s the crux of the matter, the covid aerosol transmission in the open air is very low, they are blown away quickly. There always is a little wind, especially in this country, contrary to the situation of a choir singing in a confined space. There they are drifting around looking for victims…

Recieved some video/pictures from a friend in Florida this weekend. Bar/lounge was full, live entertainment. People elbow to elbow at the bar. Tables seated 10-12 people although the tables appeared to be almost 6 feet apart, Did not see one mask, these were not teenagers or what you would call “The younger crowd”.

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No masks, live sport in front of full stadiums, bars and restaurants are all open, but not to the rest of the world. Our once thriving tourist industry is limping along with the meagre support of domestic tourists, except the ski fields are booming. But it is school holidays.