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We should start a pool. Bags I 2500 for tomorrow.

2,306 new cases on 18 March. That’s my guess.

Doubling rate in the US has been steady at 2.5 days for the past six doublings. That’s 31.95% increase a day (compounding daily).

1748 * 1.3195 = 2306.48

I’ve been tracking the 10x rate at eight days and change for the last little while. But for this one I just took a WAG looking at the bars.

Everything is a WAG without testing.


Well, how about a wager? I’ll bet a 64oz bottle of Purcell hand sanitizer for your 20-pack of toilet paper!


I always knew crows were the cause of this whole pandemic! Dark wings, dark words…

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I got one of those 20-packs a year ago but there are only six or eight left, so you’d probably have to wait a while. But it’s Charmin, none of that Quilted Northern stuff.

We’ve already passed 2300 with an hour and a half to go before the day closes at 0000 GMT.

Bah, you’re right. They’re finally ramping up the testing. That doctor lady said as much this afternoon during that White House press conference this afternoon. I didn’t think they’d ramp up today.

I owe you a bottle of hand sanitizer.


A pretty shallow ramp.

“South Korea has tested more than 270,000 people, which amounts to more than 5200 tests per million inhabitants—more than any other country except tiny Bahrain, according to the Worldometer website. The United States has so far carried out 74 tests per 1 million inhabitants, data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show.”

I could ask why this is the case but I think everyone knows why we are in this horrible position today.

No, I was off by 350. 2850 rounds up to 3000, so I don’t think I can claim it.

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If things get bad, there’s the option of vacationing in Mexico which is exempt from the virus. Don’t forget to pack a good luck charm and a picture of the virgin Mary and you’ll be fine.

“Pandemics won’t do anything to us,” Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Monday while accusing the media and his political opponents of exaggerating the threat of the virus. He has declined to close his borders or ban travel from particularly afflicted countries.
At a large rally over the weekend, López Obrador waded proudly into the crowd , kissing children and embracing supporters. He has made a show of waving off offerings of anti-bacterial gel. And on Wednesday, before appearing at another large event, he showcased a collection of good-luck charms that he carries with him, including Catholic scapulars and a U.S. 2-dollar bill.
“They are my bodyguards,” he said, smiling.

Singapore was early in restricting travel from affected areas in China and had experience in tracking and isolating those who slipped through.
Experience from the SARS, MERS and other Corona virus epidemics helped- Having a decisive government also helped in limiting the early spreading of the virus in Singapore.

It is harder to keep control now, with a much wider spread of the virus in the world. Singapore being a travel hub and major port are exposed to a lot of potential sources of contamination-

Yet the number of cases is only 345 so far, with 221 still in Hospital and 124 recovered:

Not bad in a population of 5.6 Mill…(many of whom are foreigners on long term visas)

The thousands of day trippers coming across the causeway to work, or attend school etc. every day has a hard time after Malaysia closed their borders:

Could the rest of the worlds have something to learn from Singapore??

PS> I forgot to mention that Singapore still have not had any deaths from COVID-19

Looks like the United States will overtake Germany tomorrow in total cases, Iran on Saturday and Spain on Sunday for the bronze. Maybe we overtake China in a week for silver. Then it’ll just be Italy and the United States in the battle for the Corona Gold!

Go ‘Merica!



More like this I reckon.


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Latest statistics:

Pls- note that the more tests that is carried out the more accurate the numbers.
Also: In terms of cases per mill. population China and other countries with large populations comes out better, (China 56 cases/Mill while the Vatican w/1 case has 1248 cases/Mill.)

Population density in urban vs. rural area is also a factor in the risk of contracting COVID-19 but not near as high as the mitigating effect of testing, early isolation and good health system

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They’ve just added a switch to choose today’s numbers or yesterday’s on the the sortable table. Their day rolls over at midnight UTC.

Also, check the update time and manually refresh. Refreshing one page does not necessarily refresh parent or daughter pages.

Selecting log display on the charts that allow it gives an instant grasp of who’s improving (Italy) and who’s not (US and most others).


Possible uptick in countries that had good success early on.