Why Singapore manage Covid-19 better

A well managed society and a disciplined population also help:

Singapore’s free newspaper “The New Paper” has an article about a study that shows most Singaporeans still have a heart, even though living in a hardnosed Capitalist society:

Maybe it has something to do with strict enforcement of the rules?
Nobody should think they are exempt from the law.

Colin Woodward wrote an article explaining how long established regional cultural differences in the US determine which regions of the US have had better success at containing coronavirus.

How the geography of the pandemic is determined by …

Also Singapore has no exemptions to mask wearing for anyone over the age of 2, you get fined the equivalent of $226 USD the first time you get caught without a mask and $753 USD every time you do it again.

The UK has too many exemptions from mask wearing for people with fantasy health conditions that don’t seem to exist in Singapore.

Asians have a culture of wearing masks when they are sick. I saw them doing it in Asia many years ago. It’s not uncommon to see some Asians wearing masks in Seattle either.

Not all Asians are the same.
The Japanese have a culture of wearing masks if they have a cold or any other sickness that may spread by droplets.They are just naturally polite and considerate.
(Can remember if I have seen that in Korea or China. Not common in S.E.Asia)

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