This is how cheap life has become


This is pathetic but I’m not surprised. Unfortunately I think humans have always undervalued the lives of others when it suits them.

BTW, if this is legit, the government in question isn’t like other governments & doesn’t like the truth to come out about certain things. They don’t take kindly to being criticized or questioned. I wouldn’t be surprised either if this thread is taken down or this whole forum mysteriously comes under a cyber attack.


Similar incidences have happened and continue to happen in US ports with mariners from other countries even before the pandemic. Since Covid things have gotten worse for mariners in all countries. In a perfect world there would be an international union of mariners and they would all stop work, cease all international commerce by sea until they were treated like human beings. But that will never happen. I applaud the captain for posting this, he’s a hero.


yes, this capt. is a good guy. Unfortunately, this is the way the world is increasingly becoming despite all the hoopla about ‘‘caring’’ concerned’’ and all the rest.
who can be surprised?


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Thank you, Captain.

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We no longer live in a society, we live in an economy :sleepy:



Anyone know what happened to the chief engineer in the end?

The youtuber serpentza made a video saying that there is a culture in mainland China (but not Hong Kong or Taiwan) that people generally avoid helping strangers even if they are in mortal danger, he discusses the multiple reasons for this:

I applaud this captain for sharing this situation to the world. I completely agree with him and especially his comments toward the end. These officials ARE MURDERING people all over the world with their decisions. We all ought to hold them PERSONALLY responsible for ALL the deaths and destruction their decisions have caused. MILLIONS of lives destroyed forever because of their FEAR and ARROGANCE!
Ironic, that they probably killed this chief engineer because of their insane over reaction to covid19 that has over a 99% SURVIVAL rate. Even the CDC has come out and admitted that it kills no more than the seasonal flu. And yet, we have submitted to their demands that we shut down and sacrifice EVERYTHING else, all in fear of covid. What a complete disaster!


As a Harvard epidemiologist recently said, Covid could be defeated in 4 weeks if EVERYONE wore an N95 mask outside the home, diligently used hand sanitizer, and socially distanced, with no unnecessary travel or excursions outside of home and work.

The bad attitude that 99% survive, so what’s the big deal, and the Government failure to take Covid seriously and curtail unnecessary travel is what allowed this disease to take off in the first place.

1% of the US population is 3.3 million people. That’s a lot people to lose their lives over a sociopathic attitude and cavalier behavior.

Would you want to play Russian Roulette with a gun that holds 100 bullets?

The bad attitude superspreaders who traveled over the Holidays caused huge spikes in infections, overwhelmed hospitals, and caused over 100,000 unnecessary deaths.

Covid has a lot of serious long term health implications, such as heart valve damage, for people who survive, even those who are asymptomatic. It will be years before this is fully understood.

It’s going to take at least a year to vaccinate most of the US population. It will take at least five years to vaccinate most of the World population. A shocking number of people refuse to be vaccinated. If this continues, it will be a DECADE before Covid is reasonably well controlled. It’s likely that we will need annual or even semi annual vaccinations which too many people will neglect.

The longer Covid is allowed to circulate, the more variants there will be, if we allow this to happen through bad attitudes and bad behavior, we may encounter a strong variant to kills 50% of the population. That’s 3.5 Billion people.

We cannot do anything about yesterday, but from today forward, we all need to be wearing our N95 masks, hand sanitizing, social distancing, avoiding any unnecessary travel outside the home, and get vaccinated as soon as possible.


Most of the countries that have controlled the virus like Australia and New Zealand all have one thing in common, everyone who arrives in the country is escorted to a hotel where they must quarantine for two weeks.

There are no exemptions to this quarantine, every single person entering the country has to do it. In Australia you even had to quarantine for two weeks if you moved between two states, a seafarers travelling from the east of the country to join a ship in the west of the country would had to quarantine in a hotel room for two weeks.

They are talking about bringing in a hotel quarantine in the UK, it should have been done about a year ago but better late than never I guess. Some seafarers are moaning that they might have to quarantine when arriving back in the UK from working abroad or to join a ship in the UK, they want to be exempted but I think it would be ridiculous if they were, nobody should be excepted.

If anyone is to be exempted it should be people coming directly from countries with no covid like Australia and New Zealand.

Lots of countries ban people from entering if they aren’t vaccinated against Yellow Fever, maybe some countries will start banning people from entering if they aren’t vaccinated against covid.


Ok not to hijack this thread but I am not letting this comment just waltz on by. Covid has way surpassed seasonal flu deaths just in the US alone and survivors do not walk away scot free. Many many survivors have organ damage due to clotting and perfusion problems. Some have new onset dementia. Please don’t spread conspiracy theory disinfo bullshit in this forum. There are other places for that. Thank you


Fake news

The Captain used his name, face & Facebook page to say it wasn’t. Do you have anything to backup your accusation of “fake news” except for a 2 word first post?


Really! You’ve got to be kidding. You are not one of those Covid deniers. Are you?

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Also permanent lung problems and mental problems aren’t uncommon.

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Fake news? My ass. Covid is killing people all over the world. My former shipmates and son’s shipmates lives have all been affected by this nasty fucking virus. Perhaps USA is trying to remedy reliefs compared to other flags, but rather slowly. Quarantine before departure from their homes, quarantine after arriving to the port in some shitty hotel. Or in some ports staying in a friggin tent on the pier. One mans opinion, ALL seafarers are “Essential employees” No matter what flag they sail on… We are but a tiny pod to the world wide shipping and owners that strand and/or don’t pay their crews.

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Sir, Thank You!