Support gCaptain through Amazon

Really… well now I feel like I need to do some shopping. :grin:

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Again, it can’t come from me. That won’t work and is borderline illegal. I can’t even help promote it.

I’m trying, been trying to 15 years but shit just keeps getting worse. I keep reminding myself what my dad always said “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” but I was literally born into an inferno and I’ve been through enough shit to toughen me up that my skin’s about to turn green.

But it doesn’t matter how strong I am or how big gCaptain grows. You still need cash and boots on the ground to get shit done.

P.S. Did you know that gcaptain gets a few cents of every dollar you purchase when you visit Amazon via a link on this forum? :rofl:

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Nope. Got to click on something to get on Amazon. Easy enough to make your link the shortcut :grinning:


Where’s the Amazon link??

Support gCaptain, bookmark then shop via the following amazon link and we get a few pennies for every dollar you spend:


Easy enough, haven’t been to a brick and mortar in quite some time.

Done ! Replaced my old Amazon shortcut with the gCaptain Amazon shortcut. May my pennies roll your way.

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Bookmarked. I just placed an order a few days ago :frowning:

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