Things I Bought on Amazon & Supported gCaptain at the same time

Well folks, from my understanding, if a person starts their Amazon shopping experience from clicking on the Amazon link below gCaptain will get a few pennies from each sell to help them run their business & continue their advocacy for mariners & our industry. I’m in.


So today I was going to buy the tow hitch below. It’s $128 before taxes. Anyone know how much gcaptain would earn from this? Most mariners I know get their offshore shopping fix’s from Amazon & this might really help gCaptain in this global pandemic/economic crisis. Christmas is around the corner too. Happy shopping!


How much of my purchase does Amazon donate?
The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases.

According to my wife, I spend more on Amazon than what I make so gCaptain should have the Jones Act fixed in a year or two if I keep clicking on that link before I shop.

I plan on posting some of my larger purchases on this new thread to keep it bumped up near the top & hope others share as well. With the global economic crisis I’m pretty sure gCaptain is having problems with advertising & they need all the help they can get.


I need to buy another laptop. Will do so in the next few days. If I had known about this before gCaptain could have collected a few nickles and dimes from me.
Just makes sense. Got to click on a link to Amazon, might as well be gCaptain’s link. Hell, Bezos doesn’t stand up for mariners so why link directly to him? Let Bezos pay a few pennies to gCaptain while he speaks up for mariners delivering Amazon stuff. Shhhh, don’t tell Bezos about this…

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Does the link work if using Amazon Prime?

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A lot of people use Apps for things now but I still click on a link too. I buy things off Amazon once a week probably. I used to spend my 3rd & 4th day home running around shopping for projects that I had planned for my off time but now do it on Amazon 7-10 days before I get off. Supporting gCaptain is a good cause so why not for us link clickers?

I bought the tow hitch & a microfiber backpacking towel that was left by the kids on the trail over the weekend. $138 before taxes. Let us know how the laptop shopping goes.

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Yes. Did for me

It did for me too but after Lee_Shore mentioned it I wondered if gCaptain gets the small comission if the buyer is already an Amazon Prime member?


Yeah half a percent is not much, they really squeeze the charities.

We get 1-6% (usually closer to 1.5) based on what the product is, who sells it, and - most importantly - how much we sell.

I will start using the link. Is there a way to display it in a box ad at the top of the forum and/or the news page where it would have high visibility?

We are half way through a major redesign so… I’ll ask the developers.

Does this only work in the USofA? When I tried from the UK it looked as if I had to buy from US companies and pay exorbitant freight rates.

Yes but you have to use a different link.

UK Amazon link:

Thank you. Unfortunately gCaptain doesn’t appear on their UK list as far as I can see.

We don’t need to be on their list and you don’t need to adjust any settings. If you bookmark the uk link I posted above and use it to visit amazon then it automatically credits us with a few cents for every dollar you spend.

Thanks John.

No, thank you to all of you! We really appreciate the support.

I’m pissed, I forgot to use this link for the load of stuff I just ordered.