Things I Bought on Amazon & Supported gCaptain at the same time

I was looking forward to giving gCaptain a slice of my Christmas shopping pie this year but then I saw this?!?!


But seriously, I’m an Amazon Prime member & used the link 4 times & everything is exactly the same. No problems. Glad to throw some change to a great maritime advocate organization.

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I tried the link twice to order but Amazon sent me notices both times and locked me out of my account twice. Perhaps using a VPN and a new link was too much for them. Oh, well…needed to invent a more elaborate password anyway

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The only times Amazon locked me out was when I was using wi-fi/ satellite internet from outside of the US. I worked on a vessel where no one could shop on Amazon for a couple of months because we kept getting “odd location” alerts. It happens. Good luck & keep trying, gcaptain is worth the effort.


Just a reminder for those doing holiday shopping via Amazon. If you use the link on comment 1 gCaptain will get a couple cents for every dollar spent. I just started mine & didn’t have any problems.

Does this thread include a way to make a CONVIENENT link for xfer to amazon? I haven’t got a lot of time for this but if there were a box in my favorites bar that took me straight to amazon i’d use it.

Yes the link is: