Christmas Shopping From The Ship

The blog really has some good posts lately, well done John! I signed up for Amazon Prime last year and all I have to say is WOW. I got a huge tool chest sent overnight to my dad for $3.99 in shipping and couldn’t believe it when DHL knocked on his door the next day. I did all my christmas shopping via Prime last year, Highly recommended!<br><br>

Yeah I struggled with that post since I hate to promote stuff we make money off (Amazon gives us $12 for each new signup) but boy do I love the service. I got a double sized stroller for my wife and shipped it overnight for the $3.99 just because I doubted they would do it. It arrived with no problems. Good Stuff.<br><br>Also check out our Gear Shop. All the stuff is hand picked, eligible for Prime and gCaptain gets a few % kicked back. LINK