gCaptain Holiday Gift Guide 2016

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It’s that time of year when the world falls in love and every song you hear seems to say “Merry Christmas”… it’s also time for gCaptain to publish our annual Holiday Gift Guide.

But before we do, gCaptain would like to wish you a [U][B]Happy Holiday [/B][/U]and remind you there are lots of great “Oldies But Goodies” in our previous guides:


Thanks for sharing… we’ve been working this guide (along with our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal guides all week) and I think we’ve found some great stuff this year!

Also note that Amazon and Ebay kick back a few bucks any gear you buy via our links.

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Some nice looking radios.

Take a look:


[B][U]Nice EPIRB unit: [/U][/B]

ACR Globalfix™ iPRO 406 MHz GPS EPIRB - Category 2

Take a look at the others also.


Come back to this page often because they will be adding new deals throughout the day!

Holiday mail shipping deadlines rapidly approaching - Order today.

[COLOR="#0000FF"]They even have stocking stuffers.[/COLOR]

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