Black Friday Deals

We have started posting some Early Black Friday Deals on our Black Friday page:

What Deals (within reason) would you like to see on Friday?

P.S. I woke up early to get today’s deal out and - thanks to a yapping pup and kids being off from school - I screwed up the math on the wall poster deal… so those are going for below our cost.

Also… have any of you received our Holiday postcard/coupon in the mail? It was sent to people in the United States who have already made a purchase.

P.S. I’ll be sending the rest of the world the same coupon code via email ASAP.

How about that nice Omega for about 75% off??


The poster discount applied to all watches.


35% off watches.

More deals just added (including one watch deal):

Grrr, my tally book just got delivered and now they’re 75% off!

That is true. We got a special weekend deal from the supplier which was just approved yesterday.

Can I haggle on two black chains? One for me of course and one gift wrapped. I hate wearing gold and that’ll be the closest thing I get to an anchor tattoo.

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Besides gCaptain what other great deals have you guys seen??

Here’s a great deal from defenders on an AIS SART

Ok guys, our Black Friday sale is now LIVE!

And now I go to order more and they’re no longer 75% off…

Aw man, my cool 7-8” Anchor Chainlet is sold out. If true, I’ll get the red light pen and another shirt or two. Thanks

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Yes, I’ve been meaning to steal one myself but they are custom made and we’ve been having trouble maintaining stock.

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Here’s a good deal on a great speaker for working on deck:

Cyber Monday Deals are now Live

20% Off The gCaptain Tool Pen (No Coupon Required)

50% Off The gCaptain Mini Tool Pen (No Coupon Required)

$50 Off The Spyderco Enuff Salt (No Coupon Required)

30% Off Work Gear (Use Coupon Code “cybermonday”)

30% Off All Hats (Use Coupon Code “cybermonday”)

All Coupons Expire Tonight.

how bout weapons? who has Cyber Monday deals on firearms? I want Santa to bring me a Springfield M1A for Christmas this year and not one of those SOCOM or Scout models either. I want the wood stock and the full meal deal just like this!

way more fun than a Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock!

John…get your FFL and deal in classic weaponry, you’ll be fat in no time

Walnut stock and match grade barrel on mine please Santa

B&H Have the lowest price ($399) I’ve ever seen for Fujinon Stabilized binoculars.