Superior Energy Services/ Wild Well Control

Greetings All,
Can anyone tell me anything about the vessels that SES/Wild Well Control would be running out of Anchorage? I’m guessing that it is something other than their jackups…

I think they got a contract to run a fire response boat of some sort. I will have dig up the article. I know it has to due with shells offshore drilling. If I remember right it’s pretty big. Built in the gulf getting last refits (bells in whistles) put on in WA state. I’ll look for it.

They contacted me. It is for a barge. You would be on stand by in the event something would happen (spill, etc).

It was not a full time gig. Atleast that is what the person in HR told me.

If it is the same people I talked to then one week of training a month is your only obligation, no quotable pay. Must be ready to fly out with either 24 or 48 hours notice.

She said they were still working out a pay rate and they understood people would not be able to work a normal job and make their training obligations or be able to respond to a call. She implied it would pay well enough to replace a full time job.

If they paid $80,000 a year working one week a month I would consider it (taking a pay cut). And it is a day rate so if you are called up you would make extra.