Thinking about transitioning to oil fields

Hey everyone. Awesome site, Currently I am sailing deep sea as an unlimited 1 AE. I have been thinking that I may want to get on a rig or supply boat. I really want to get into a 28 day rotation. Right now I do 90 on and off. What am I looking at as far as pay? Do I need to start as a 3rd? I dont mind doing so if there is room for advancement. I see some of the online sites advertising for engineers. Anyway any help is much appreciated. Stay safe

Feast or famine. During the next cyclical down turn are you ready to have some time off, until you are called back? The guys who are going to stay on are the guys who survived the last cycle, and weren’t laid off (or at least for long) You will be facing some stiff competition if/when the layoffs start. Not sure if I believe Obama saying it is OK to drill. I think if he wins again, the industry will be clamped down on like a blowout preventer, and choked off.

[QUOTE=cappy208;58393] Not sure if I believe Obama saying it is OK to drill. I think if he wins again, the industry will be clamped down on like a blowout preventer, and choked off.[/QUOTE]

Come on Cappy…let’s not get political here. There’s a shit load of rigs drilling again in the GoM and more starting up everyday including mine. Everything points to a big upswing in the industry both around the world and right here at home. Marine Engineer, you’ll be making a wise move if you’re pulling very long spells at sea and not getting the jingle for it. I see a very promising future in the deepwater offshore.

Currently I pull about 140k a year with vacation and overtime. 7 or 8 years ago my phone was ringing off the hook from companies like Tidewater and Chouest, but I wanted deep sea. Now that I have a family the 90 day stretches are taking their toll. I still love working my job, just not the long stretches.

Not trying to be political, just a realist. Sure… There is great money to be made in the GOM right now. Last time I drove through the ‘intersection’ it looked like a graveyard three years ago. Of course things change. Just seems to me, since I am sort of attached to stability, I want a sure thing. I guess some people are happy with a year or two window of stability. ? Different strokes for different folks!

I only hope it lasts if he gets re-elected.

[QUOTE=rshrew;58408]I only hope it lasts if he gets re-elected.[/QUOTE]

There is something going on behind the scenes that the oil companies know about but we don’t. That is the only explanation as to why so much equipment is being ordered today without longterm contracts in place. There are still something like 30 deepwater drillships to be delivered in the next three years on top of the 30 that have been delivered in the past three. Added to that is something on the 300 support vessels on order still. The trend on ordering more has slowed but it has not stopped.

I cannot believe that all of this money is being committed with a hope for work for all of these vessels. There must be some knowledge with a degree of certainty that the work is going to be there and that the dayrates will be high enough to justify the investment. Obviously, our piece of this action is that qualified mariners, drillers, mechanics, electricians, ETs, etc… will be required in ever increasing numbers meaning both job security and a steadily increasing levels of pay.