UNOLS research vessels

I would ask this even if I weren’t on furlough-

Anyone work the UNOLS academic research vessels, Roger Revelle, etc? I am going to send an application package to Scripps and WHOI to get into their relief pool. I can work relief up to 2-3 months when not on the white boats.

SIU is trying to shine me on and I’m not happy about that. I need to be able to pick up relief work when not busy here.

Last thread about it is from 2008 but if stellarseas is still out there, give me a shout.

Jr Eng/Elect/Oiler with RFPEW and BST. With 25 years marine electrical experience to boot.


I have worked UNOLS, NOAA, and SIU. If you are hoping to be satisfied with what you get from the hall. office, or HR you are barking up the wrong tree. I can tell you as an engineer you will get work from NOAA and UNOLS and they will probably try to hire you not a bad thing if you don’t mind never being home. SIU will screw you as long as you allow them to atleast with the other you get paid and vacation not so many lies. Just expect you wont be going home anytime soon. Some engineers NOAA/UNOLS are good and will teach you things others are just waiting to die and you will be wiping the same corner of the engine room for a month then when you prove you worth you will get to change a light bulb. As long as all youexpect is a check NOAA and UNOLS are good. They arenteven fun anymore which is why it use to be okay to deal with the lower pay. Good luck

Have you heard about the new UNOLS vessel being built for University of Alaska? Seems about ready for delivery from Marinette Marine in Wisconsin. Don’t know who does the hiring but good luck.

The Master is a friend of mine. They are hiring positions right now. I can forward the info if you like. R/V Sikuliaq. I’ll have to dig out the email.

Never mind. Looks like they closed the application period the last week in September.