SUNY Cadet looking for career advice

I am currently a 2/C Cadet at SUNY Maritime and I am thinking about working shoreside when I graduate. I plan to begin the International Transportation Management fast track program next semester and was wondering if anyone had any helpful insight on what would be a good sector of the industry to make a career in. I have thought about pursuing an MBA but I am not sure if that is the better route or if staying at SUNY will benefit my career in the business more. I am interested in Chartering and Marine Insurance and would prefer to work in Manhattan if possible. If anyone has advice on how to achieve these goals it would be appreciated. Thanks


I would suggest you keep an eye on the gCaptain job site as a job seeker. Potential TMS opportunities in different sectors open up frequently.

Try connecting with Brian Houst ('02) ( He’s been in chartering at a number of different companies. Try not to lock yourself into a specific geographic area for a job. It really limits what’s available.

Regardless of your plans… never let that license lapse. Renew for continuity, keep that damn thing shelved for a rainy day.

Don’t be one of those dolts who goes through the trouble to get it for no damn reason.


Thanks for the advice. I am not against sailing at all and I have enjoyed my time at sea so far, it just seems very difficult to find a ship right now, I have debt to pay off, and I am trying to explore all options in order to get to work as quickly as possible in any sector of the industry.

Shipping, will pay off your debt the fastest.

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Did you get a PIC? If you still have cadet sailing available to you, get on a tanker. You’ll get a job no problem.

Also, you’re a 2/c cadet…

Nothing wrong with that, but a lot can still happen between your 1/c cruise and graduation in 2020. Play it by ear and see what happens. Ask your mates on cruise what shipping is like, I’m sure a few of them sailed recently.