Cadet Shipping Great Lakes

I’m a graduate student at Suny Maritime, interested in sailing on the Great Lakes. My plan is to try and cadet ship during the fall or spring semester of 2022. Right now I’m looking at hopefully doing it with Grand River Navigation or Interlakes Steamship Company. Any advice or information, on cadet shipping, pilotage, or the different companies would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes. Detailed files I will happily share with you if you’re over 18 and like America. PM me. I’m about to be the 40 year old third. Or, out of spite, i’ll study all of that extra shit and get the unlimited masters. N.C.

Idk what the above reply is about. Weird. I had classmates that sailed on Lakers. I believe there’s a company or a few that are crewed through AMO if you want to go that route after graduation. I’d suggest speaking with the cadet shipping coordinator and making your wants known. They’d be your best resource for placement and knowing what’s available.

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jv498 welcome to the forum.

I know what the above reply is about. When jv498 wants a job up there, I’ll give him or her the cell phone number to the operations manager. Guy…

Grand River has a really good rotation but their ships look like dumpsters

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I was also trying to get across the fact that you don’t need oceans or any stcw classes and can go straight to unlimited master. Fast

Hopefully you’re feeling better after whatever you were up to last night.

Going to unlimited Master N/C via working on the Great Lakes is no faster than working offshore. You need one year as Mate, and then 2 years as Master, total of 3 years. Offshore, it’s one year to 2nd Mate, one year to Chief Mate, one year to Master, total of 3 years.

The above notwithstanding, what can you do with unlimited Master Near Coastal without STCW? Not much I think. Whatever it is you could do with it, to have gotten the endorsement as Master Unlimited N/C, you need to have worked 2 years as Master on the Lakes. Is whatever there might be offshore better than your job as Master?

To jv498, make sure SUNY Maritime is aware of and OK with whatever arrangements you may make to sail as Cadet. If they are not, you may have a problem qualifying for the license. Qualifying for 3rd Mate via an academy requires sea service as part of the academy program. If the academy is not OK with and doesn’t sanction the service, it won’t count towards program completion.


Sail the Lakes you wont regret it

I would trust Cavo’s advice. To each his own.