SUNY-Maritime question

Been awhile since I have posted here. I’m retired Navy. My son was accepted into SUNY’s graduate program. He’s going to work on a MS in Military and Naval Studies. He also decided to go for his deck officer license so he’ll be in the Regiment. Can anyone give me an idea of what that training is comprised of and how much time out of his studies it will take. I know how Annapolis works, but have little knowledge of the Maritime academies. Thanks!

What do you mean by how much time it will take out of his studies? Are you talking working towards a deck license?

I think so. Maybe I phrased it wrong. I am assuming his graduate program schedule will be different from the undergrads and was wondering how they integrate the deck officer training into that. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

At a maritime academy a substantial portion of your courseload is “trade school” classes for obtaining a license, and so the licensing requirements will BE his studies.

Thanks. I just wondered how it worked for grad students vice undergrads.

About 4 years. As is for most cadets at a quality academy. You still have to do the work and sail a bit. Great Lakes may have a shorter course time. Sure others on here will comment to help out that have a bit more recency in the business than myself. Goodl luck with your son sir and glad he has a degree going forward.

About 2.5 years. He’s asking about the graduate license program.

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Thks Cavo. Knew you above others would know.

Thank you. That makes more sense. Appreciate it!

Took me three years on the dot to finish.

With double cruises for MUG/2nd Class Cruise it took less for others.

Can do the whole thing in less than 3.

Fall semester
Spring semester
Double cruise (3rd class/2nd class cruises)
Fall semester
Spring semester
Double cruise (1st class cruise)

Now, granted this is without doing a cadet ship (in place of your 2nd class cruise) and assuming that you pass all of your classes straight through. Barring any hiccups or curriculum changes it’s possible and many do it. I’d do the cadet ship if possible and ask for a tanker to get the PIC or something else that’s specialized or difficult to get into.

Regiment for a grad student is minimal as your a day student and subjected to much more lenient standards. The course load with the license is significantly higher, but if the rest of the regiment can do it while doing their undergrad it’s not a problem. You’ll be a mug for 3rd class cruise but it’s not an issue at all. It’s like dress up, just don’t take it too seriously.

Even if your son doesn’t planning on sailing after graduation, the license is useful. He’s made a wise choice and I wish him the best of luck in his future.

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