SUNY grad license - timeline and other thoughts

Gents - I’m a middle aged second career type, former USCG and FDNY.

Thinking of this route because I just cannot sit around…is it possible to get this program done In less than 3 summers? Does special status still exist for grad students? I am waaaay too old to live in a dorm.

Please share what you may know. Thank you!

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If you started during a fall semester it was possible to knock out the classes for your MUG and 2nd Class cruises and do both back to back — this was when they were 90 day cruises (45 days for 3/c and 2/c) but with the new ship and reduced length of the cruises I’m not sure this is possible anymore. This enabled many hard chargers to finish the program in 2 to 2.5 years.

You’d come in as a day student — they were permitted to live off campus. They wear Warrant Officer insignia and have the privileges of a first class cadet, but not the authority. It’s a cozy deal. Initially formation was every Tues and Thurs but after a few weeks if everyone was on time and looking good they reduced it to once a week, usually on Tues mornings. Day students did not stand watches during the school year but were still required to attend one Saturday ship work per semester. You WILL, however, fall in with the ranks of the underclass during cruises — meaning you forfeit day student rank and privilege and will be whatever rank your peers are based on which cruise you’re embarking upon. This reverts once cruise ends and you’re back on land.

It’s what you make of it. Being former CG and FDNY you certainly won’t find the regiment a challenge… you may even find you’ll serve as a mentor and source of wisdom/experience for some of the young cadets.

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Thanks fellas…yah I can do the regiment, especially with a bit of faux RHIP.

Shooter, assuming you’re tristate, is there work to be had around NY/NJ harbor? Decent salaries?

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Lots of tugboat outfits in the area — if you’re looking to go that route after graduation. If you mean parttime work while in school, I remember many years ago some cadets worked as deckhands on the dinner cruise boats going around Manhattan… though I hardly think those are considered lucrative outside a little beer money. A few worked for Vinik Marine as cadets and while he certainly runs an…. interesting outfit (to say the least) they seemed to gain at least some experience there, though I personally would steer clear.

Others around these forums with NY Harbor-specific knowledge would know better.

Ah thanks. No i meant post graduation. Im pensioned so I won’t be broke whatever the case. I’m also middle aged so being broke is a bad look.

Thanks enjoy the weekend I’ll fish around these forums

Outfits I know of that have offices in the area are;

Metropolitan Marine
Buchanan Marine
Vinik Marine (already discussed…)
Miller Marine
Gellatly Marine (may be dating myself there, not sure I’ve seen a boat of theirs in years)
Weeks Marine

Further out east in Boston you have Stasinos Marine, they operate all over the US East and Gulf Coast now.

Folks around the forums who work for any one of these outfits or have local/tug experience will be able to give you much more information than I can. Best of luck to you!

Awsum shooter Ty.

Are u masters grad from SUNY?

Currently work for one of the NY tug outfits and if the next three years are anything like the last three years, you won’t have any trouble finding a mate’s spot. Might have to spend a little time on deck to get a training slot, but ABs are currently at $75-$80k/yr even time (14/14), mates at my company are now up to about $138k/yr including travel pay (which you would get even if you are just coming from Queens or the other side of Staten Island).

I’m also on a second career (started at 40) and also former military. No significant regrets; well, I regret not moving over to harbor tugs sooner. :grin:

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Damn 138k on harbor tugs?!?!

I am — but from years ago. From what I hear they’ve changed department heads several times since I was there and several of the courses.

Only if they get you a 90 day cadet placement on a commercial ship to replace one of the cruises. Without it you won’t have enough sea time.

Forgot about this — a classmate did manage to bang out enough classes that he had a spring semester wide open. He applied to go observer and landed 90 days on a tanker with US Shipping right before first class cruise, so with the change in cruise lengths this is still possible if you manage to load up on classes and free up a semester (and if you don’t mind that much time aboard ship…)

If you are looking to make a good salary and stay in the NY area as a middle aged person why would you go this route? makes zero sense. waste at least 3 years worth of time and tuition + cruises as a full time student. to work in the same area and make subpar non-inflation adjusted money in the harbor.

IMO this only makes sense if you wanna travel and get out of the NY area. and even then barely makes sense.

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Well tbh i screwed up. I retired from a city job under pressure to be with my kids and it’s not working out. I’m middle aged with no skills looking at a bleak future. Nyc has work options at least.

so get a job and go to school part time for something? you seem to think your in a desperate situation but wasting more time and money for no reason will only make things worse for you

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I appreciate the advice.

Yes I feel pretty desperate tbh.

Just hard to envision getting back to a six figure salary from the floor at 45.

I am receiving a decent pension so i have the bandwidth to do this. Also I’m a nyc kid so when I left to be with my wife I felt like my dog died.

Job market (especially if you go deck) is incredibly cyclical. in 3 years time its possible you could get out and make 50k (what i made when I got out) or zero. so i wouldnt count on this as your path to 6 figures. used to be normal for people to make very low money for the first couple of years they were out of school depending on what route they took.

Maybe con Edison is my way

The ConEd commercial steam generating plant is loaded with SUNY Maritime engineers. As almost every large medical center in the NYC area.

Yeah there is that….I’m about 2 decades behind on that. Made my choices at the time.

Maybe I can get my city job back :man_shrugging: