MS/License Program and the Regiment

I am a commissioned Army Officer currently doing my thing in Iraq and am planning on pursuing the Master/License option after getting back stateside.

Can someone explain the relationship with the Regiment that Grad License students have? I understand that by law license candiates need to participate in the Regiment, but are there any provisions for folks with different circumstances, i.e., being married, like myself, and being a commissioned military officer already?

Thanks everyone!

Certain provisions allow you to apply for day student status. These are like you suggested married/have kids/previous military or sea service/etc. I would come for a visit and talk to them about making such provisions. Keep in mind that you will still have to participate in summer sea term over the course of three summers for a total of 180 days at sea.


Thank you for the information. I was already tracking on the sea time. This definatley sounds like the right fit for my situation and I plan on being up to visit as soon as I get back CONUS.

Thank you.

You want to talk to the graduate department about this. You should be able to qualify for “day student status” which means this-you have to do the indoctrination with undergrad students. After this is over you basically wear the uniform and attend class but do not do formations/regimental stuff, so you are removed from the regiment. They may have altered it but every week you check in with the commander and he checks your uniform. Its pretty casual. Its a pretty nice life you fly under the radar and are not involved with all the Maritime drama and can focus on your studies which is honestly what you paid for to begin with. You attend licensed classes during the day and graduate classes at night.

However, when cruise comes along you are then part of the regiment. Don’t sweat it its a pain in the butt sleeping with 100 people in a hold who are 18-20 yrs old so you won’t get much sleep but its memorable.

Make sure you speak to the grad dept and verify this. My friend went there and they bent the truth to get him to enroll. The grad dept will lay it out for you.

OK here’s the latest first hand info:

You WILL be required to participate in Indoctrination like all license students coming into SUNY regardless of you military experience or station in life. For a military person this is a joke, walk in the park. The hardest adjustment will be to being locked in a ship’s hold with 300 18 year olds, and sitting on concrete for extended periods of time.

Day Students have what is called Special Status, and the previous poster gave you all the reasons why people get special status. Being Army and a Grad student certainly qualifies you and you should not have any trouble receiving this status. 99.99999% of grad students receive this automatically. There is however one grad student presently in the regiment that is doing his MUG year by choice, he will likely move on to day student status next year.

Day students are in fact in the regiment and wear the uniform of the day. We must attend formation every Tuesday morning and at other times prescribed by the assistant commandant of Cadets. Typically at the beginning of the fall semester the formation will be twice a week. At formation you will be expected to be wearing a clean, ironed uniform, and exhibit a regulation haircut and shave. It is not uncommon for Grad students to receive demerits for haircuts and shaves at this formation.

Day students also participate in ship work, meaning that every semester you will have to give up and entire day usually a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, where you will perform menial labor aboard the training ship.

Also grad students have the same cadet observer options as undergrad cadets so you are really only required to make two cruises, your MUG cruise and your first class cruise. Also now with the addition of two separate cruises some grad students are able to do MUG cruise and second class cruise in one summer. It’s simply a matter of taking all the required prerequisites.

When you are inquiring at admissions ask to meet with Mr. Scott, he is a grad license student and will be able to inform you better first hand.