Sun glasses

I am looking for sunglasses that allow you to see through water! Cool right? I know they are out there because I used to have some they were made by Bolle and like every other pair of sunglasses out there were labeled ‘polarized’.
I would be telling passengers to look off the bow at the fish swimming in the water but they couldn’t see them and i would take off my glasses and yep sure enough, you couldnt see them. Glasses would allow you to see 10 feet into the water. If you know what kind of glasses these are please let me know.

Uhhhh, whats your question?

Polarized glasses help you see into the water better. But you said that in your post.

I like Smiths, Maui Jims, and for work, the cheapo ones I buy at Walmart.

Sounds like you had a pair of Bolles you liked. Why don’t you just get another pair of those?

I have tried many different polarized glasses and none were like these Bolle’s. But I have tried other bolles and they dont work as well. I am looking for a brand and type that someone knows works.

Costa del mar. 580 lenses. Lifetime warranty.

Killer loop,x loop.30 bucks a dozen!!

A question you did not ask but should have is ‘what color tint for the glasses?’

Most glasses come in grey or brown tint. There is a difference besides which color makes you look cooler. Light and retnal sensitivity varies and is indicated by a persons complexion, eye and hair color. If you are light skinned with blond, brown , or red hair - you should choose brown tinted lens.

Darker skinned and folks with black hair should choose grey tint.

All polarized sunglasses are not created equal. Some less expensive ones have a more coarse filter on them, which are actually microscopic vertical lines, because most reflected light and glare are horizontal light rays. The average consumer cannot tell the difference unless compared outside on a day with lots of glare. Some manufactures label the glasses with the degree of filtering, most do not.

Avoid those on sale at the flea-market unless you really know what you are looking at. Some may just have the “polarized” decal on them when they are really not.
You can test to see if they are polarized by taking two pair of them and looking thru both glasses at the same time. When rotated to certain angles you can see them go from transparent to opaque when the lines go from “IIII” to “XX” (sorry it’s difficult to describe).

Just a couple of drawbacks of polarized lenses are you will sometimes see rainbow hues in the tempered glass windows on the bridge, and you will not be able to view LCD monitors.

You can see fish in the water easier, and sometimes see the green tint of the clouds of an incoming squall, but most importantly, a mariner needs to protect his eyes from eyestrain, and more importantly cancer of the retina from the glare off of the water. Mariners have the highest rates of retina cancer because of the glare and constant UV exposure.

Oh yeah, and you can look cool and aloof.

Let’s be honest, that’s really all that matters, looking like a bad ass and sounding cool on the radio.

I’m a huge Costa Del Mar fan, the Zane’s and Permits fit my huge mellon great and stay put even gasp sea kayaking! I generally get the 580 lens with the green mirror.

Costa Del Mar all the way.

Get the 580 lenses

Definitely the costas. Get the 580 as recommended above in silver or blue mirror! Do not get Oakley as they are not polarized even though they say they are.

Costas all the way! Blue mirror. My wife likes them so much, she stole my spare pair!

As everyone else says, costa 580s. They are awesome lenses. The only drawback is that most LCD displays can’t be read without tilting your head or taking the glasses off.

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Traitor, I’m diggin’ your Brian Bosworth Gargoyles that you are styling in your photo! goes great with your Randy “Macho Man” Savage haircut!

Thanks man but that’s my alter ego Capt. Ron, I’d post a real picture of me rocking my Costa’s, but the again I don’t want any of you fuckers knowing who I actually am!

The blog gives it away!

I have a pair of costa corbina 580 blue, had blackfins before, same idea.I like the rubber on the Nose and ear, they stick to your face. These are good in sun but if its not full bore sun can be a strain on your eyes. That is why I have a pair of mauis with the regular bronze for winter or overcast or foggy days. Spend 300+ days on the water a year fishing or working and I can justify if.

I may have a discussion with Maui Jim as the lenses have not held up to scratches as well as I hoped, or as well as the costas. I baby them and only clean with lense wipes but they are getting a little scratchy. I guess customer service is way better on the Maui end, so I am told.

Those Costa Rockports seem pretty good. I’ve been debating for awhile whether or not to get them for fishing.

Yeah I eventually said screw it, my cover had already been blown. I am pretty sure I know who you are, I can at least make an educated guess.

I am very fortunate to have a good buddy at home who is also an eye doctor. When I first started working on boats when I was in my teens his best friend was my Captain. My mentor insisted ALL his crew saw Dr Scott and got cost on anything you wanted, even managed to get a few freebies when I was really broke. I would say I have been though at least 10 pair of various makes(maui, revo, oakley, ect) and all have been prescription. I have been in maui only for 5 years or so and dont see the need to change since they started putting prescription lenses in their frames a few years ago. Driving a car, on the bridge or sight fishing bonefish in the Chagos or stripers on the northshore of mass, I think they are hard to beat. Scratched the shit out of my last pair and got them back for 40 bucks with new lenses in less than 2 weeks. My wife does love her white Tony Montana coke glasses(Costa) as much as her Maui’s.